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  1. 2 hours ago, Itstrainingtime said:

    The 10th seems a little soon, but your point nonetheless is correct. 

    with AO/NAO heading solidly -, it just has to be enough to bring boundary south enough.  Add the PNA showing slightly +, it might be enough to get the trough far enough south, and while your point is a good one, I'm pulling for earlier the better....cause ya know...."too warm today for it to snow tomorrow", or "sun angle", or "warm ground wont hold any snow" stuff...which becomes increasingly more true by the day in MORCH  

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  2. 3 hours ago, Itstrainingtime said:

    Yep, a lot of PA ski areas are now year-round destinations offering paint ball, ropes courses, scenic chair lift rides, etc. It's all about maximizing the potential cash cows at all sorts of different venues. They're doing the same thing at PSU with Beaver Stadium - they have the 2nd largest stadium in the US and have only used it for a total of 8 events a year...7 fall games and the spring game. Now, here come the concerts and other opportunities to add revenue. 

    Its just smart business, and based on what i know about Beaver stadium, and costs associated with going to see something there, quite a large cash cow.

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  3. 15 hours ago, Jns2183 said:

    Watch em get a 40" April

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    Sno biz folk cant really cash in much by April.  Man do I feel for those folks. 

    Smart businesses realize that snow biz can mean no biz, and are stating to encourage other non snow dependent activities to support them during other seasons.  its happening in much of Pa.  Denton hill ski area is under new ownership and has suggested that theyll have other non snow season acitivities to attract business.  Good idea.  

  4. 8 hours ago, Blizzard of 93 said:


    I saw this morning that you mentioned the teleconnections turning favorable in March.

    The GEFS & EPS both show the AO & NAO going negative by the end of the first week of March.





    yep.  MJO not as good a signal, but those three appear to he headed in a nice direction.  Gotta see if MJO mutes that good look.  Prob will be a week till ENS guidance starts to show its hand IMO.

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  5. 2 minutes ago, kdskidoo said:

    we're good here hope you and the family are also well.  we could have went up a few more times but I'm not into running circles on top the mountain.  we're trying to plan a trip for the first week in March to either Maine or Ontario.  Maine isn't looking good at this time and although Ontario just got some good snow I'm not sure what to think for that area by then either.  just have to wait and see I guess.  

    I do miss TC.  there's a group on facebook that kinda took the place and its a good place to go for trail info but facebook isn't my favorite site to visit.

    all good here bud.  thx.  yeah its cirlcles at best now.  my group just got back from maine last friday.  said it was passable, but thin.  Hoping that march signals are correct and i can get my son up north, further north (tug), or waayyy north (maine) if needed.


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  6. 12 minutes ago, Atomixwx said:

    I'm about 30 years too young for shuffleboard, ice or otherwise.

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    So if I were to start a league, it'd be like bowling league, but there'd be a bonfire, weeners and beer. 

    Like how I play floor hockey, I do it for the hydration therapy that follows (pub less than mile from where we play).  Good times w/ great friends.  

  7. 5 minutes ago, kdskidoo said:

    we were up once back in Jan. and it was better than I anticipated.  a little thin in the low areas but pretty nice on top.  worth the trip.

    Glad you got up.  I missed that period and thought we'd have more opps coming.  Last 2 weekend peeps have been able to play on top, but not in lower elevations.  Oh well, at least they are ready for next season (just put new batteries in both last week....not cheap).

    Hope all's well w/ you Kirby.  I miss running the TC and web stuff from years past.  Got to know a lot of good folks doing it.  A fun group but no longer worth the time/effort...for me anyways.


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  8. 17 minutes ago, Atomixwx said:

    Sounds like it would be like playing tennis with a candlepin bowling ball.

    Which, outdoor bowling sounds like it would be fun. Absolutely everything would be ruined by the cold; the resin would react differently to a freezing cold lane, the oil would coagulate, the ball's core would react differently and wind would affect the ball's path. Now I want to grease a rich person to build an outdoor alley and actually use the machines to it.

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    Try this instead ;).  US is way behind in the love for this game.  If we had sufficient cold, I'd do it....with beer in hand for counterbalance of course.  

    5 curling rules you need to know - Post Bulletin | Rochester Minnesota  news, weather, sports

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  9. 17 minutes ago, Superstorm said:

    21F for low.

    Saturday looks like last winter day. Phil was right.


    Tellies would argue otherwise.  AO/NAO headed neg in early march, and PNA on the rise, says slow your role spring...MJO and poss SSW also thrown into mix says not so fast.    

    What's the truth, I dunno, and once into mid march, I typically dont really care.  If it cant snow, and stick around (which gets harder by the day....damn sun angle, I'm ready to move onto spring.  Yes, i just said it.  Harley has much better ROI fun wise, and while i love a wintery day like yall do, we've definitely wasted some prime time and the cold has been around, but not deep (as others have suggested in winter grading that's coming out). We've had much more winter than last year, so I'm ready to chalk it up as a minor victory and move along.  

    I didn't get up north w/ sleds once again, although my bad as there's been about 5 weekends that one coulda rode up there.  Not great but better than last year.  

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  10. 4 minutes ago, Blizzard of 93 said:

    The Warning still verified in many areas. Large slow total variance will probably show from one end of a county to the other with the snow total statements by county that CTP issues.

    And I will defend them on this one as modeling closed in, it looked to be a tricky forecast and localized areas verified, while other locals didnt.  We were adequately warned IMO.  Again, the average joe doesnt really care about being 1-2" short of verification, they just wannna know whats possible.  Their backyard falls short (like mine), but within a short distance, totals are double or notably more. See I'm all about fairness.

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  11. 55 minutes ago, Yardstickgozinya said:

    Even though it's been a bust it's still snowing and a beaut out here this morning. I spent the whole night at my buddys by are  rocket stove and enjoying what little there was and my last few hours as a 44 year old. 



    nice pics.  Happy early birthday.  Probably 2.5 here in akron.  Nice little event event and happy for the lucky ones Blizz and berks it sounds like.

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  12. 2 minutes ago, AccuChris said:

    Another view of the HRRR looking amped up


    Sure is nice to set a higher bar as we close in on go time.  As most qpf maps seeme to be in the .3-4 range, thats gotta be 15:1 or better to achieve, and it appears that we've got a favorable thermal/forcing profile to have a whack at this verifying.  

    Happy Friday gang.  Hoping nooners start the weekend prep off w/ a bang.

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  13. 22 minutes ago, Jns2183 said:

    It's been progressing north

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    So once again I say.....right where we want it. :P

    At least we'll get a few more days of wintery feel round here.  I'm taking that as a win.  Enough uncertainty being shown on the Ops to keep an eye out for late next week as well.  IF we can score 1 or 2 more after tonight, this winter will be a B+ final grade for me.  I'm at a C+ (including tonight 2-4 which is what I've been hoping and expecting for a couple days).  

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