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  1. 1 hour ago, Itstrainingtime said:

    He sure was. Abrams, Bastardi, Sobel...pretty good roster right there. 

    But my favorite met on Weather World, and one of my top #2 all-time was Paul Knight. 

    You forgot Fred Gadomski.  He and Knight were the longest 2 running mets on the show.  

    The next gen has largely taken over (cept for the not hard to look at Marisa Ferger and Jon Nese -one of my favs) comes in from time to time.  Still like watching it in the cold months. 

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  2. 31 minutes ago, Itstrainingtime said:

    My wife and I were driving on 30 eastbound in York county last week when 2 riders passed us doing at least (conservatively) 90 mph...likely higher. Neither was wearing so much as a helmet. My wife freaks out and starts railing against bikers and I reminded her that not all bikers ride like that, and further, there are FAR too many automobile drivers who are just as guilty for driving recklessly. Inattentive driving has become almost the norm these days and it's frightening. I can choose to be the most defensive, cautious driver I can be and still be subject of the foolishness of others. 

    As usual...your responses are well thought and well taken. 

    Last week I saw a crotch rocket doing at least 100 and weaving in n out of traffic.  I shake my head and say a prayer for their safety before the laws of average catch up to them.  You are correct, bad apples in EVERY bunch.  Plenty of car drivers fit that as well.  

    When on a bike, riding defensive is an ABSOLUTE must, or you'll be in trouble.  EVERY intersection, every blind turn....etc, etc.  While some may question why we do it....if you do it and do it right.....the reward largely outweighs the risk.  

    Ok....sorry to derail....get back to your heat chatter....I'm coping far better than i can remember (losing weight and excersize helping?)  Looking forward to turning the calendar and hoping to be back w/ more frequency as I come outta da cave for my favorite time of year.  

    Have a good one gang.


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  3. 2 hours ago, sauss06 said:


    Last evening just down right sucked. After fixing AC i was going to mow. I just said screw it. AND i may say screw it this evening too!

    you deserve it bud...

    grass will be there another day.  Cant imagine fighting fires in this heat and remember my son coming home from it just soaked to the bone.  Thx for what you do.

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  4. 16 minutes ago, canderson said:

    Be careful - motorcycles terrify me. 

    aww...thanks bud.

    All good.  Yes, a good friend of my son's just went down, and thank God he was wearing a brain bucket....Just had surgery on Friday to put pins n plate in shoulder.  Several in the group have had BAD accidents on bike, but if you've ever had a chance to ride or ride on a motorcycle...I'd still suggest trying it.  The feeling of a beautiful back road and riding w/ friends and family is truly a wonderful thing and keeps ones sanity in check in these crazy times. There are always risks in life....

    We'll keep the tires on the road.  Promise.  Just tell peeps to stay off phones and pay attention for us....

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  5. Headed on a motorcycle trip Thurs. at 7am w/ my son an 9 other father/sons and a couple friends of the dads that are going. 

    Looks like the request to Mo Nature didn't go unanswered.  Looking forward to seeing Skyline Drive, WVA mtns, Harrisonburg, Shenandoah Nat. forest, and whatever else we find. 


    Thanks in advance Mo



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  6. 13 minutes ago, canderson said:

    Just hit 90 

    so does your beer get served in a small wine like glass in 6-8oz servings.....

    just preppin myself for what I've got myself into :lol:.  I owe you one.  Next couple weeks, I'll swing up after work and pay my dues.  

    Stuff out to the west is on the move, but slowly, so I'd think you have a little more time in the sun, before any storms pop (assuming they hold together once east of mtns).

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  7. 13 minutes ago, paweather said:

    Are the storms going to make it here

    I'd guess yes, as the cloud deck has broken up east of the mtns and likely will cause enough instability to aid their trek east, but I was wrong about the cloud deck holding, so maybe listen to someone else on this one....:P


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  8. 6 minutes ago, canderson said:

    We were in Etown briefly Sunday - might be the first time we had been (had to drop off a weedeater at a friend’s house). There is some shop called Trolleys and More or whatever and we stopped because trains and trolleys are fun. IT WAS A LIE! It was those dumb “home is where the heart is” signs as far as the eye could see and nary transit items. I was flummoxed.  

    And I’m absolutely a beer snob lol (I’m a snob with most everything to be fair haha)

    LOL.  I only work here....don't blame me.  Not my favorite town by any stretch.....

    You drink your swanky stuff....leave the MHL and ML to Sauss and I.  :)  Joking aside, my beer pallet was expanding nicely over the years, but Miller is my go to now as its sugar free.  

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  9. 16 hours ago, Cashtown_Coop said:

    Wgal had Gettysburg at 100 today.   Atop a 2 story building in the square.   

    probably had a black rubber roof....but hey....whatever it takes...

    full discloser car thermo between Etown and NE lanco saw 97-99.  Not that 1 degree more means that much in the overall scheme of things, but I actually though the humidity was not too oppressive.  By 6:30 pm it was 84 on way to a meeting in Denver Pa.  Clouds and storms bouncing around likely helped. 

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  10. 2 hours ago, Voyager said:

    Well, this morning starts my new adventure. Heading out in a few minutes for the 2,300 mile journey out to Phoenix. Anyone who follows me on YouTube, in a week or two there will be some videos documenting the trip.

    There won't be much sightseeing, though. I'm a man on a mission, so a lot will be road footage like my trucking vlogs.

    hope all goes well.  Enjoy your heat.

  11. 59 minutes ago, paweather said:

    Yep before we start to get the heat later in the week. 

    Meh.  The "heat" looks like a 1 day warmup on Thursday.  I'll gladly take what the midrange is showing.  We do low 90's rather well around here.  Consensus on most globals say its more of a heat puff....not a wave...

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