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  1. Mine is still showing that too….juat east of here is 4-7 in Somerset county
  2. I wish I could post photos-but it’s beautiful here-snowed another 2.5 overnight and going again now-measured just over a foot from both the Monday Tuesday system and yesterdays….
  3. Bernie’s video has PITT all within a 3-6” range!
  4. Picked up another 1.5” since about 8:30 this morning….its nice to just see the snow again finally even tho it will all be gone in another 48 hrs
  5. I love to see all the love now….lethal try to support each other-I know the dissatisfaction sucks a lot but we got good people!
  6. Thank you! Finally decent snow rates with huge flakes-I think we all should do well with the second wave overnight tonight?…
  7. Up here, even at my elevation it’s been nothing but ice/rain and little snow mixed in…
  8. It’s almost nowcast time anyway-all HRRR and radar soon
  9. CALM….look at the NAM…still around 4ish for Allegheny co?!
  10. Anyone happen to see anything from Bernie Rayno on this system?
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