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  1. Just started Snowing here about hour ago...dusting so far on grass and deck
  2. No matter how much I love storms-this winter has been the shittiest since I can remember-sorry to rant...
  3. Yea started as snow and never switched back up here-have about 2” so far....
  4. Yea was supposed to start here as rain me never did-started snow and has remained snow-MAM showing 5” here now maybe-hard to believe I went for a walk this morning in shorts and a hoodie - lol
  5. Somehow I am under a 2-4” forecast for tomorrow and tomorrow evening....
  6. It’s been ripping the past 45 min and got another inch quick.....that was a nice band....
  7. Looks like you all in Allegheny county have been ripping for awhile-still raining here with a ping here and there
  8. I think my Pittsburgh peeps are gonna be happy tomorrow morning-finally something to reward us for all the crap winter so far....over performer you guys!! C’mon!!!!
  9. Almost in NOWcasting-I’d prefer to see what the HRRR is showing
  10. Thanks for hopping over to our page Mike-you always have a ton of knowledge!
  11. This is for Sunday into Monday correct? So we’re less than 6 days out.....better than nothing to track I guess.
  12. Thanks for posting here Mike! Always appreciate your knowledge and feedback! Good luck to you all out in central-we’ve been dryslotted in the laurels for a bit this morning-looks like a bit of snow coming in before the change
  13. Does this have something to do with weather pattern??
  14. Yes that’s so annoying-it warms up and we get slop followed by bone chilling dry cold air....