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  1. Great! Freaking terrible team/joke of an owner
  2. Perfect!! Looking forward to the smell of that cooler fresh air!!
  3. Can you imagine that equivalent to the white stuff? Be like 4-5’ of snow!
  4. It takes awhile for it to load-I refreshed a few times….
  5. How will we know the vax is working? Will the survival rate go from 99.2 to 99.8%??
  6. We’ve been praying for Nutting to sell for the last 15 years....lol
  7. Picked up another 5.5” of powdery fresh snow-storm total without compaction now is 16.25”....is there an “official” NWS page I can confirm totals for Farmington or Chalk Hill, PA?
  8. I can’t believe I picked up another 3” since 8pm...indeed a long duration storm! Glad coastal precipitation survived back to western laurels....
  9. Measured this morning just under 11” IMBY. Had some compression yesterday too-picked up another 3.25 overnight
  10. Radar filling in nicely now although the warm tongue looks close.....
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