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  1. Picked up another 5.5” of powdery fresh snow-storm total without compaction now is 16.25” there an “official” NWS page I can confirm totals for Farmington or Chalk Hill, PA?
  2. I can’t believe I picked up another 3” since 8pm...indeed a long duration storm! Glad coastal precipitation survived back to western laurels....
  3. Measured this morning just under 11” IMBY. Had some compression yesterday too-picked up another 3.25 overnight
  4. Radar filling in nicely now although the warm tongue looks close.....
  5. Yes the Nam is well within range and looks like a winner
  6. Can someone explain the zero precip in fayette county in the western laurels? Is that the dry slot where the transfer is happening?
  7. Thanks for the write up!! I’ve been seeing somerset getting hammered while fayette county ridges are dry slotting I believe
  8. Doubtful but could catch up a bit....but I’m seriously pumped for you guys again-no matter what we busted totals this winter with this!!