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  1. Ended up with 8" here in Ross before the wind started blowing. All in all, a great snow. Sure it didn't hit a foot and we weren't in the bullseye, but this was a good hit. Onto the next one.
  2. You mean the plains after a mountain range get a lot of snow? Seems pretty obvious for Denver. Harrisburg, Philly are in the same situation.
  3. It’s almost like being in a mountain range has some bearing on the amount of snow one gets.
  4. Sleet really coming down in Ross. If this were snow it’d be whiteout.
  5. Can’t say I’ve noticed any sleet here in Ross. But it has been rather slow so far.
  6. Amen to that. Isn't this the same guy who said he was done with winter after the Nov snow because it was 1" less than forecast? Come on, at this point, just enjoy the snow globe. Down to 23.7 degrees here in Ross. Snowing steady, but not heavy.
  7. NWS updated forecast. Still would like a SE bump ideally to jackpot on the storm itself, but I will never ever ever complain about double digits in one go.
  8. Well that makes more sense. It’s 13 here at my weather station in Ross.
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