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    Florence Observations

    Interestingly enough the weather station at the Bald Head Island conservancy seems to indicate the island really got spared here. Highest wind gust so far is 62mph. About 5.7 inches of rain. The track of the storm, pushing right front quadrant way north, then coming inland at Wrightsville and jogging west before the eye got to Bald Head, may have saved the place a lot of damage. Hard to know for sure as no one is there right now, and will take a few days to get a good look but may be some good news for an area many thought might really get hit hard
  2. rmcwahoo

    Jan 16/17 Event Obs/Disc

    Despite all day mood flakes maybe 1-2 inches max across the Richmond metro. We are south and east but not THAT far south and east, so we too are missing out on the bigger ticket items this season. Looks like a very solid snowfall in southside Virginia, and perhaps now into Tidewater
  3. rmcwahoo

    Richmond Metro/Hampton Roads Discussion

    The idea that Richmond is crushing this season is ridiculous. We are at approximately 5 inches of snowfall from 2 systems. Yes from Prince George County down to the Beach this has been a great winter, but in metro Richmond that's just not accurate
  4. rmcwahoo

    Jan 4th Coastal Obs/Disc

    Flurries in Va Beach right on the water per family there
  5. rmcwahoo

    Richmond Metro/Hampton Roads Discussion

    Had sleet in West End of the city a bit ago, now all giant snowflakes. Streets turning white
  6. rmcwahoo

    December 8/9th Storm - STORM MODE THREAD

    From Wakefield, quite the positive forecast discussion for those of us in the Richmond metro area: All signs are now pointing to mainly snow generally west of a South Hill to Richmond to Salisbury MD line tonight, as even the GFS which is now the warmest model keeps the entire column below freezing in these areas. Just on the cold side of the rain/snow line, there will likely be a moderate to locally heavy snow where is is juxtapositioned with the best upper f-gen forcing and associated banding features. As such, have opted to go with a winter storm warning for Dorchester/Wicomico County, southwest to Caroline, and then through the western RIC metro and SW to Mecklenburg County. Could see 6 inches of snow in this area, although the evening shift will need to watch for how long this heavier snow burst lasts tonight which may inflate totals even more. Additional snow expected into Saturday with the deformation axis associated with the upper trough moving overhead. The snow should diminish west to east Saturday aftn into evening. Overall, will go with storm totals of 4 to 6 inches in the warning area with locally higher amounts especially in the MD. Since the snow started even earlier than anticipated, it would not shock me to see 7 inch amounts in a narrow corridor west of RIC as well. In the advy areas, will go with 2 to 4 inches, although the eastern advy may see some lesser amts due to more rain mixing in. The rain/snow line may actually shift westward a little bit as the low develops along the coast as the upper short wave approaches. Do not think this will be of huge consequence to snow totals in the warning area, but none the less it should be noted it could lower totals slightly on the eastern side of RIC into the Tri Cities. Thus, the reason this area stays in the winter weather advy.
  7. rmcwahoo

    Dec 8/9 Obs and discussion (Showme's) Storm

    Richmond getting good snow since about 3. Already nearing an inch and roads starting to cave. NWS getting very bullish expecting 6+ in the metro.
  8. rmcwahoo

    Richmond Metro/Hampton Roads Discussion

    West End of the City between half inch and inch already, and roads turning white. Reading the Wakefield discussion sounds like this could be a major overperformer as they are expecting 6 inches or so around the Richmond metro with potential for more if this evening's heavier band lingers. Nice start to the winter
  9. rmcwahoo

    NOT DC/NOVA discussion

    Winter Storm Warning for the city, western Chesterfield, western Henrico, 3-5 inches, with AKQ specifically saying heaviest along and south of 360. So here we go, let's see what happens
  10. rmcwahoo

    February Med/Long Range Discussion Part 2

    .9 in Richmond, near a foot in DC. That sounds about right
  11. rmcwahoo

    President's Day Storm Obs & Nowcasting

    Richmond only got 2 inches of snow, now a mix of freezing rain and sleet
  12. rmcwahoo

    NOT DC/NOVA discussion

    Yeah sleet in the city now. Radar shows a nice batch coming in. Shame to miss the good snow by maybe 40 miles, but honestly, that's pretty much life here, just have to accept it and enjoy the weather we get. What I don't want to see now is a change to freezing rain for the afternoon and power outages. I'll pass on that.
  13. rmcwahoo

    President's Day Storm Obs & Nowcasting

    Just an inch in Richmond, missed the main band by maybe 30 miles it appears. Snowing nicely, but we haven't been able to get into the good stuff at all. No changeover as of yet
  14. rmcwahoo

    NOT DC/NOVA discussion

    Raleigh is holding steady with sleet and some snow, I think this could hang in for us longer than anticipated, maybe a 4pm changeover to freezing rain, and that could be the real problem. Trying to determine if I want to deal with 64 to the UVa game tonight. Could be a debacle both going and coming back
  15. rmcwahoo

    NOT DC/NOVA discussion

    Yeah maybe a little over an inch in the city, just never got in the main band I guess. Just saw report of 8 inches in King George. That's your sweet spot- from CHO-Fredericksburg-Northern Neck. If we could get into any real consistent snow we could pile it up, but radar looks spotty for us. Thoughts on changeover time here?