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  1. Why? Whole column is cold. 8 or 10 ain’t crazy .
  2. Why? Whole column is cold. 8 or 10 ain’t crazy .
  3. Serious red sky this morning .
  4. there's only so many times you can integrate in this setup before you see weird ****...enhance...enhance..not saying its wrong
  5. once we clear out the "sneaky warm tongues"
  6. Still a metric ton of frozen QPF
  7. on TT standard maps..pivotal makes more sense since it at least can differentiate between SN and IP looks like a wallop of sleet followed by a nice little snowstorm
  8. sleet makes a nice base coat for accumulations after
  9. 2-4" of sleet would still be an utter mess...least no power outages though
  10. The last three runs of the HRRR for 12Z tomorrow have shifted the surface low at least a few miles east at the same latitude each run. Maybe noise, maybe wipers, maybe a slightly faster track off the coast before the turn.
  11. THIS. Its a touch worse in the areas that were on the border before. Basically east and south of TTN gets shafted.
  12. I think north/west of the 78/287 intersection is probably locked in for warning snows. But here at the 95/pway/1/287/9 intersection we battle.
  13. The warmth will be low-level right if it invades the coast? So rain not sleet?