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  1. It's amazing how accurate the meso models were, particularly the HRRR (even though precip was off by a bit). Saturday night / Sunday morning I was seeing a hole/shadow over Boulder but higher totals to the south (JeffCo/Golden) and east (Louisville/Westminster), all of which verified. I even mentioned it to Seth on his FB page and he basically said proximity to the mountains can be both a blessing and a curse for Boulder. It's sort of frustrating that areas ~20 minutes away from me received 2ft+ - I really wanted to break my all-time IMBY record of 25" - but what are you 'gonna do. I've witnessed two 20"+ IMBY events in 16 months after going 16 years without one, which is pretty neat. Plus, the record-breaking season last year and the September snow.
  2. The official total in Boulder is 20.7" with 2.08" QPF. This makes it the 15th highest storm total all-time.
  3. Wolf Creek, Silverton, and Loveland top the list for annual snowfall. I want to say that even Wolf Creek saw 2ft+ from this event. Eldora normally does well with the juicy Front Range storms.
  4. Remains to be seen, but it looks like Loveland might have been the jackpot in the CO urban corridor.
  5. Wow - DIA reported 24.1" at 6pm. If that is true, this should be Denver's 4th largest snowstorm of all time.
  6. The official measurement for Boulder was 19.9" as of 6pm. Knowing that, I'm fairly certain we broke 20".
  7. I have at least 19". I haven't measured consistently enough and my board is in a bad spot. The Boulder COOP station right down the road had 18.1" at 2:30 so I'll be interested to see what their final is. I decided to skin up and ski down the NCAR hill with my roommate - it was a blast.
  8. Not at all Don! I'll be sure to upload more as the day goes on.
  9. 17" here. Looks like Cheyenne is about to break their single storm record.
  10. HRRR really likes Denver and the NW/SE burbs through the end of the day. Looks like another ~10".
  11. Really dumping here now. Easily the best rates of the storm for me.
  12. I'm trying to figure out why this pocket is showing up over my head. Anyone have any thoughts? I suppose I am in a bit of a valley.
  13. Looks like Bellvue (NW of FoCo) is the current state winner with 28.5" @ 9am. Cheyenne was reporting 19.5" @ 8am. I have 10.5" @ 1030am.
  14. Dry air intrusion yesterday, low wobbled north, unfavorable wind direction during the night.
  15. Even the HRRR is showing a hole over parts of Boulder County. It gives a decent bit more precip to Denver throughout the day.
  16. Just about 10" here. Unfortunately it appears the winds weren't favorable for Boulder/Denver overnight which left us in a bit of a precip hole. The question at this point will be whether I can get to 20" - not sure it's going to happen.
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