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  1. 18z High Res GFS: Models seem to like Erie-Longmont-Berthoud for the QPF max.
  2. Yeah, someone is going to get pounded with 2-3" /hr rates and I think the models are just honing in on where the upsloping/convergence takes place. Seems like NE Boulder and SE Larimer are the place to be right now for the qpf max but other factors could cause areas just west to win out. I lived in the Mid-Atlantic long enough to be NAM'd several times. Will be interesting to see what the 18z runs of the globals do. For Boulder proper, 23" would be top 10 all time and 26" would be top 5.
  3. BoulderCAST was saying 15:1 for the most part with periods of up to 18:1. I haven't taken time to look at the soundings though. I'd tend to think you'll get in on some of the upslope action where you are.
  4. Here is QPF from the 18z NAM for the Front Range: I know it's the NAM but it's fun to look at. If you are in Longmont/Berthoud right now, watch out. Boulder looks to be just shy of 2" on that. I'm getting really pumped about this one - I haven't seen over 16" IMBY since PDII in 2003.
  5. This looks like a BIG one for the northern Front Range folks. Couldn't ask for a better setup with the 700mb low track. Cold temps should make for some great ratios. My current record single-storm total out here is 13.5" so let's see if we can push past that
  6. A nice, fluffy snow fell overnight. I just measured 3” on my deck with light snow still falling. This storm should put Boulder right near the 30” mark on the season.
  7. Here is an interesting graphic that was sent to me by the Boulder COOP observer - the all-time largest snowstorms at the official Boulder measurement site(s). He did say that the data pre-1990 is suspect as measurements were only taken once per day up until that point, so there are probably a few storms that had higher totals than was reported. Anything pre-1948 is taken from newspaper accounts. Notice the total lack of January storms!
  8. The official October snow total at the Boulder measurement site was 26.4", making this the snowiest October since 2009 and the 4th snowiest on record. The official mean temperature was 45.7, making this the coldest October since 2009 and the 5th coldest on record.
  9. Nice work, you definitely triggered me for a second there, heh
  10. Looking back through the records, Boulder had its driest August since 1985 with only 0.1" of precip. Hopefully Sept. will reverse our recent misfortune.
  11. Welcome to Colorado - I made the same move 2.5 years ago. I was a frequent poster in the Mid-Atlantic forum dating back to EUSWX days (I joined back when there were no sub-forums) and miss the energy there but as another poster said the trade-off is that we get to live here
  12. 8.0" on the nose here in Richmond. It was a little hard to measure with all the drifting. All in all another great event here - we've been lucky the past few seasons.
  13. Storms I can remember in my lifetime: 1) PDII (Frederick) 2) Jan. 2016 (Richmond) 3) March 2009 (Richmond) 4) Jan. 2010 (Richmond) 5) Dec. 2009 (Richmond) Honorable mention: 2/10/2010, 1/7/2011, 3/6/2013, 1/28/2014, 3/3/2014
  14. My official depth in a shady spot this morning is 7.5". Sunny spots are a little less, obviously.
  15. I've received an official response from the lead met at AKQ. It appears that the 11.4" total at the airport will stand. According to Wakefield, it is in line with the 12.4" total reported nearby at the Sandston co-op. My wish is that they begin using the co-op totals as the official measurement in the near future. That is probably wishful thinking on my part though.
  16. Unfortunately, from a historical/climo standpoint Tidewater rarely gets in on these types of events. There are events where both RIC and ORF cash in but I'd tend to think that it would be nearly impossible for DCA, RIC, and ORF to all see 12+ from a single storm. As Anthony has alluded to in the past RIC has a 60/40 NE/SE storm connection. I would guess that ORF is more closely linked to SE storms during the winter.
  17. The new number came about after they revised Friday's total. I can only hope that they will do the same thing for yesterday's. There is no reason the airport should have recorded less than 12" if spotter/co-op reports are to be believed.
  18. Wakefield has reported a 10.3" storm total for RIC. Seeing as how this is not the first time this sort of thing has happened and most reports in that part of town are to the tune of 12-16", please consider leaving a comment on their Facebook page letting them know that you are displeased with the quality control of their snow measurement data. This has been an ongoing issue since at least the Blizzard of 96 and I think it's time our voice is heard. https://www.facebook.com/NWSWakefieldVA
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