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  1. 6z GFS holds serve with 5-6" of QPF from Denver north. This is a battle between the Euro and GFS/CMC/UK at this point. Morning AFD from Boulder:
  2. You might be right. I could be looking at the wrong data on Pivotal. I'll leave the temp discussion to those who are more well versed in local climo.
  3. QPF totals for 0z GFS: Regular: Boulder: 7.3" Denver: 3.9" FoCo:5.0" Para: Boulder: 5.3" Denver: 4.3" FoCo: 3.5" This run seems a bit colder - I would presume this is all snow. Also, the storm keeps getting pushed back - light snow begins early Saturday, heavier stuff moves in late morning.
  4. 12z GFS QPF: Denver: 2.3" Boulder: 4.6" FoCo: 5.7" Seems like a pretty harsh gradient. Also, Denver and Boulder flirt with the rain/snow line briefly on Saturday.
  5. The 18z GFS says, why not crank it up a bit more? Boulder: 6.3" qpf Denver: 5.6" qpf Kuchera says nearly 77" for Boulder - unreal. Definitely won't verify but it's fun to look at.
  6. I love reminiscing about the 2009-10 season. I was in Richmond at the time and followed every storm very closely on these boards. My love for winter weather was sparked by PDII though - I was living in Frederick, MD at the time and we received something like 25" which is still my all-time IMBY total (followed closely by Nov '19 here in Boulder). If the 12z GFS is anywhere close to accurate though - and that is a massive "if" - I might be looking at finally breaking that record. Looks to be about 4.8" of qpf from Fri-Sun for Boulder proper. I chased Feb '13 in Boston. I want to say the final total was something like 26". Got knocked over by a wind gust, met Jim Cantore, and randomly bumped into a few AmWx members at a bar. I believe that was only the second time in history that they shut the roads down, after '78 of course.
  7. The Boulder COOP station officially reports 22.3" for the storm. 20.7" fell between 5pm yesterday and today. #11 two-day snowfall of all time (needed an extra .3" for top 10). #3 two-day snowfall in the month of November. Daily snowfall record for November 27th. #3 daily snowfall of all time. #2 daily snowfall in the month of November. The season snowfall total is now 55.1" vs. an average of 19.4" through the end of November.
  8. Snow has completely finished here in Boulder. I measure 21" IMBY but the official COOP station right up the road appears to have at least 22" - we'll have to wait for their final report. Looks like the Euro was pretty much dead on with QPF, down to the hundredth of an inch. This is a top 5 or 6 storm for Boulder since the modern COOP station went up in 1990. This is also likely to be a borderline top 10 event all-time. What a fun ride it was - probably the 2nd most I've ever seen IMBY. @donsutherland1 I thought I would tag you, as I know you pop in here from time to time. Didn't want you to miss this!
  9. Where does this rank for you, personally and/or for Estes Park?
  10. I'm somewhere in the 21-22" range now. Hard to tell due to a bit of blowing. The NOAA measurement site a mile from my house had 21" as of 9am. If we can hit 22.6" it will be a top 10 storm all-time. I went to bed last night thinking there was no chance that Boulder would be part of the jackpot area, but here we are. In addition, Boulder has, at a minimum, 54" of snow on the season.
  11. At 8:45am, I measured 20.5" with a temp of 22.8. Snow is still falling and should continue to do so for another few hours.
  12. Current Front Range totals, taken between 6-8am: Lyons - 23.2" Boulder - 20.5" Louisville - 16" Estes Park - 16" Loveland - 14.5" Evergreen - 13.2" Wheat Ridge - 11.6" Lakewood - 11" Broomfield - 10.8" Longmont - 10.5" Westminster - 10" Englewood - 9.5" Can't find anything from Fort Collins. Someone SE of Estes Park reported 31.7" at a pretty high elevation.
  13. Just measured about 17.5" and cleared the board. This upslope-driven band is just totally parked over southern/western Boulder county. 22.6 with really solid rates currently. All I can say is, wow - officially the biggest total IMBY since PDII in 2003. HRRR gives Boulder an additional 5-6" starting at 6am. Hope everyone stays safe out there!
  14. Just measured a little over 8". Current temp is 25.5. 06z HRRR shaves a few inches off of final amounts. Really hones in on the upslope flow in central/western Boulder and Larimer.
  15. Current storm totals, taken between 8:30-10:30pm: Fort Collins - 8" (there is a 12" report but I'm skeptical) Loveland - 7" Lyons - 6" Longmont - 5.5" Nederland - 5.5" Boulder - 5.5" (my measurement) Currently 25.7 in Boulder.
  16. 04z HRRR shifts the precip max just a bit west, although quite a bit has already fallen from Lyons up through Loveland.
  17. At roughly the 6 hour mark, I measured slightly over 4" with a temp of 27.
  18. Man, this band is just parked over Lyons-Loveland. Someone on that line is getting absolutely smoked right now.
  19. 0z NAM comes back down to earth just a bit with a qpf total of 1.55" for Boulder, which means all globals show between 1.5-1.6". HRRR seems to place the highest totals on a line from Lyons to Fort Collins. Death band is looking pretty sick right now. Currently 28 with heavy snow here.
  20. Looks like the Longmont-Loveland-Lyons triangle is getting smoked right now per radar.
  21. Just about 2" on the ground here with a temp of 29.5.
  22. I appreciate you moving out here man. Brought that solid MA HECS energy with you. Knowing how things go, it could be a while before another like this comes our way so let's enjoy it.
  23. That's good to hear. I've been let down by way too many NAM fantasy maps in the DC/RIC area. Hoping Denver gets solid totals out of this one too. I wish I knew more about local snow climo, just haven't lived here long enough. From looking at historic "big ones", it appears that the bullseye outside of the upsloping spots is usually somewhere along I-25.
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