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  1. 4 minutes ago, CPcantmeasuresnow said:

    MJO812 who until this past month was snow88. 
    Since the name change hasn’t worked did he delete his account in a last desperate attempt to change this F’n pattern?

    God bless him for always trying. 

    No it's he who was known as nycweathernow aka Tony. He's been floating around for years under a variety of names, he gets banned and comes back over and over like it's a game.

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  2. 2 hours ago, JustinRP37 said:

    The acorn thing is interesting. We have not confirmed that in our own studies, but does not mean that the correlation is not there in other locations. What does seem to work is high precipitation during winter (in particular long duration snow cover) in helping increase the nymphal population in the following year.


    Ticks are a mid- to long-range thread haha! Not weather wise, but they are really connected to the weather.

    Anecdotally I can say that I agree that the spring and early summers after low/no snow winters  have dramatically lower numbers of ticks and fewer of those are as aggressive as they are after big winters with long duration snowpacks. Last year was one of the lowest infestations in a long time, spring 2012 was even better and I think that was because it was drier.

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  3. 14 hours ago, JustinRP37 said:

    Just put together data for my tick report using HPN data for our upcoming tick season. From January 2018 through January 2020, we have had 16 above normal months (>+0.3 C departure), 4 normal months (-0.3C < Normal < +0.3C), and 5 below average months (<-0.3C). Since January 2018 our average monthly mean temperatures have been running 1.0C above average or 1.7F above average. Not a whole lot of 'cold' to speak of. Not the greatest departure that we have seen over the last decade, but we are routinely above average. Doesn't mean it can't snow. Snow does not mean cold in the 2000s, most of the time time it means just cold enough. 

    I'd love to get a look at that report and research. Is that something you can post here? With all the time I spend in the woods it's important and I try to read up on it as often as I can.

  4. I looked at cams and by noon it looked like the rain line was just about to Saratoga, maybe 1 exit south of town. The road was completely covered from there up right down to the Thruway.

    I had solid mist all afternoon. I hate this stuff, it doesn't measure up to squat but it thoroughly soaks everything and keeps it wet and makes mud, lots of mud. The coming dry and cool ought to do wonders to dry out the surface, boy I hope so.

  5. 20 hours ago, White Gorilla said:

    Can't get any worse?  I hope mother nature doesn't drink beer. 

    Lol. It appears she sings though.

    1 hour ago, CPcantmeasuresnow said:

    I love your posts and read them daily, but I can never get use to the references with NYC included in the Mid Atlantic region. Geographically it just seems wrong, although I get the text book reference for those that use New England as the northeast and that's that, and somehow squeeze NY state into the Mid Atlantic where geographically and climate wise it clearly doesn't belong..

    In my world Southern PA and southern NJ down through W.VA and Virginia is the Mid Atlantic, if your just going by geography you could even include North Carolina in there too.

    If you strictly divided the east coast into three areas by latitude without regard to state borders the southeast would start at the southern tip of Florida 25° N, excluding the Keys, and end at the eastern extreme of Maine that touches the Atlantic 45° N. If you want to include the northern extent of Maine make it 47°N.

    Dividing into three equal shares using latitude, the southeast would run from south Florida to southern S.Carolina 32.4°N. The Mid Atlantic would run form a little south of Charleston SC to a little north of Atlantic City NJ 39.7° N and the northeast from there to the northern extreme of Maine not touching the Atlantic 47°N.

    No criticism intended here, just bored from the prolonged pattern we are mired in and just using the spare time to bring up something other than weather.


    22 minutes ago, rclab said:

    I understand and appreciate the difficulty as you’ve described it. I, however, use a device used in the NE forum to make it simpler, albeit a little more complex. I think of our metro area as the NMA . A dubious honor in my mind. On many occasions during severe cold we are on the northern edge of a suppressed system looking south, longingly or sitting south of the rain/snow line shivering wet while looking north. Dr. Dews found your fine post funny only for the fact that you didn’t end the southeast latitude at 47 north. As always ....

    I use I70 to delineates SE from Mid Atlantic and it's works most of the time. Sorta. Up here it's like there's a zone between I78 and 84 that could be either MA or NE. Unfortunately that puts the bulk of the population in a tough spot. If you're not a snow person head for Philly (sorry folks :lmao: )  and if you want to be within sight distance of real winter head for Kingston or Pittsfield.

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  6. I guess my 5th graders brain didn't register that winter as being terribly significant but the next winter sure made an impression. What is kind of floating around is this was the winter that the kids on my block developed our winter play regime with snow forts in the plow banks and because it was cold we were able to ice down some of them and make sled runs and crazy bike jumps and stuff. I guess it's the cold that has stuck with me rather than the snow but that could be because I was about as close to the coast on the South Shore of Long Island as you could get. The next winter we had a plan and things got built on a grand scale because we had real snows, twice in the space of a few weeks we had storms that nearly made it to the second rail on the front yard fences. It's that 77/78 winter that flipped my weather weenie switch.

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  7. 37 minutes ago, JustinRP37 said:

    Made it to Bomoseen Vermont! Currently 0 outside! Have about 8 inches of snow on the ground here at the lake. Even here below average season but it looks great! Finally enjoying a winter weekend!

    Such a great spot, I went to school at Castleton for a while. Have fun! Did they get the freezing mist other places near there got?

  8. 2 hours ago, HVSnowLover said:

    2 feet would put everyone close to average and would definitely make up for the winter to me, there's not going to be a 2 footer anywhere near the city though, the pattern is crappy for at least the next week still and then we are moving toward March where over a foot from a storm near the coast is very rare.  

    1 storm of consequence doesn't "make a winter", at least I've never felt that way. Sure it might get the numbers about where they need to be but IMO that's not what it's all about. 

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  9. 1 hour ago, JustinRP37 said:

    I am glad to be heading up to Vermont in just over 24 hours. Excited to actually see some snow! It should be a great weekend but frigid up there. Even when it is gloomy, snow makes everything so much brighter, and brighter makes me happy. I need it. 

    It's heavy freezing mist all the way up to Stowe now. Several ski areas are actually talking about how ugly the crust is getting on all exposed areas. By Saturday the areas that have been groomed should be good but firm, open natural areas will be frustrating and the only tree areas that will be skiable are under dense pines hardwoods will be out of the question for a while.

    1 hour ago, CPcantmeasuresnow said:

    33.8° and dreary out.

    There is snow on the grass this morning from last night but no idea how much fell. I suppose I can safely say half an inch and log it in the books bringing the seasonal to 20.5 inches.

    Yup same here but 33.2. I think we're pretty close now on the seasonal total.

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  10. I was going to do the right thing and measure before the rain but... sleep. My last eyeball measurement was about a half inch but it was snowing pretty hard at that point. Now, after ~8 hours of rain and fog there's still a nice coating on natural and elevated surfaces, pavement never got covered. It's still 32° so maybe it'll hold on for a bit longer.

  11. I have light to moderate white rain, temp is on the way down and is hovering at 32 at the moment but with a mostly south wind I'm questioning whether it goes any lower. 

    While it's always nice to see flakes it kinda sux when you know it's futile. I think I'm over this winter.

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  12. 3 hours ago, LibertyBell said:

    the sunless part really pisses me off, I hope we dont get that for the spring and summer.

    More sun = more growth = more allergens waiting to ruin your day ;) A couple of years ago we had a very wet and gloomy spring that didn't really end until around Memorial Day. This left the local forests with nearly no understory until late June and it never fully recovered from the slow start. Unfortunately the mold was pretty terrible...