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  1. 21 hours ago, Nibor said:

    I bought snowshoes on sale 2 weeks ago with the intent of using them next winter. Might get a chance to use them this weekend in the Catskills. 


    I think you'll be better off spending similar time in the car but going to the Berkshires instead.

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  2. .55 or so for the 2 days so far. It's been a slow soak so it really did some good, things are wet from the top down with no dry layer so when this cool shot moves on the garden ought to be off to the races. Right now the garlic planted in Novber is going great, the herbs in the ground/pots from last year are coming back strong and half the brassicas I put in 4 days ago are starting to sprout! 

    I just got a new chain, now I can just get the existing one sharpened and keep rotating them. Now I gotta get a second battery so I can switch them out too and really get some wood processed.

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  3. I was really hoping the nice weather would win out over what has become a typical late season game over the recent past. It has been so nice for the last 5 or 6 weeks that I don't think I'll be excited if the "best case" scenarios play out. I guess as long as it's not a hard freeze I'll be ok with it but I'd rather it stay above 50 ;) 

  4. 9 hours ago, Juliancolton said:

    When was the last time you had the chain sharpened? Dull teeth are really insidious... you might not realize it's an issue since it happens gradually, but it makes the saw, and you, have to work a lot harder to make the same cut. It was a game-changer when I learned how to file properly and now touch up the chain before every use. 

    It's pretty new but yeah it probably does need to be sharpened (or replaced), it has done a lot of work recently. That's one of the things I need to learn how to do but the other side of that is chains are cheap at Home Depot... 

    Looks like the upcoming cool wet shot isn't going to be much to write home about. Temps look comfortable enough (60 is reasonable) and it doesn't look like much precip overall, maybe enough to soak the surface a few times but that's about it.

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  5. Boy what a stretch of soil warming weather we've had. The soil moisture is holding out pretty well from an inch or so down but now that things are leafing out (a week or two early) that will change quickly. I planted a few things and they're doing surprisingly well, we'll see if that lasts or if it was folly. I've spent a bunch of time cutting up those 9 trees that I lost two years ago and have gotten through most of the small stuff but I'm finding the limits of my rechargeable chain saw. It's not that it doesn't have the power or torque to go through big dense stuff but the battery overheats and it shuts down. 

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  6. I don't worry about the twigs and small branches, the lawnmower takes care of them pretty well. By June they're all chopped up and last fall's leaves are beat up and worked in. No fertilizing necessary, just replace what has grown out of the land by working the remnants back into it. 


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  7. 1 hour ago, bluewave said:

    The spring pattern we had last year is repeating. Near to record March warmth followed by a cool down in temperature departures in April. Even though the winters were the complete opposite, we still had the blocking return in April. So the EPS and other guidance continues the blocking pattern with an upper low near New England or the Canadian Maritimes.



    I guess the question is will it be coastal cool or continental cold? I'll take cool over cold, lower heating bills and better gardening conditions. I'm ready to have some fresh picked produce and really don't want to have to wait out freezes until early May again.

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  8. 16 minutes ago, coastalplainsnowman said:

    The surprise for me with this data is how commonplace it was even going back to the 1970s, to hit 80 in April, with a mean of April 23rd.  Would never have guessed that.  Always thought that hitting 80 before May was a fluke.  Edit:  Same for 80s in October.  Always thought that was unusual too, but apparently that was commonplace in the 70s too.  The range between them has expanded for sure tho, as shown by bluewave.

    That's what I was alluding to in a post a week or so ago. Spring seemed like it used to be warmer and drier earlier in the season, like it was more pleasant for more days than it has been for the last decade or so. I don't remember so many days affected by back door cold fronts and I (think I) remember planting the garden earlier. 

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  9. Heavy enough rain that some of the gutters are overflowing. Nice day...

    That storm for midweek sounds an awful lot like the April Fools storm in 97. Warm the day before, trees were leafing out quickly, some rain and rind then snow overnight as the storm moves through. Hopefully it's not 17" like that was because the trees are leafing out again. 

  10. Well, yeah. That too B) I guess I'll get a few new beds together and get the soil mix in. Couldn't get good garden soil easily so I got organic potting soil and organic compost that I'll mix 75/25 and add a layer of native brown material on the bottom. 

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  11. Man, it's been so hard refraining from planting the garden this week. The garlic I planted in November all came up and is looking great and the herbs that I leave in are coming back strong. If we don't see a real cold snap in the next 2-3 weeks I think it's time to get some early crops in so what's the consensus on that? I know it's never smart to think it's going to stay this warm this early in the year and our last freeze is still 3-5 weeks away but...

  12. This is some seriously dense fog. A couple of hundred feet visibility tops, I haven't been out but I can't see the end of the neighbors yards across the street and that's about 300 feet away.