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  1. 5 hours ago, LibertyBell said:

    Sea effect snowfall is increasing for the same reason that lake effect snows are on a rapid increase....because of warmer waters fueling more moisture to precipitate.

    The difference is they have real altitude whereas we have a few hundred feet of relief. 

  2. The overcast set in just a few minutes after sunrise today. It's cold, humid and, well, gross out there. I was hoping for the nice day that had been forecasted to do a bunch of work on the car because it really sux doing that when your hands are so cold it's hard to hold tools and it's too easy to drop small bits because you don't really feel them right. There's an idea for a new business formulating in my head because I figure there are lots of folks like me that want to do their own service work on the cars but don't have the right facility to do it when the weather is less than perfect. 

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  3. "should have" "could have" etc. Not should of and could of. Sorry but that's been all over the interwebs for the last few years and it bugs me.

    Cold(ish) and cloudy makes it feel and look like it wants to snow but when you know that's not the case the cold is just annoying. I understand snowbirds more and more as I get older.

  4. Hey my kids want to go for a walk on the beach today, any place that might be better wind sheltered than another? North shore - south shore, east or west doesn't matter but when I looked quickly it seems that there's a good stiff northerly "breeze" today. 

  5. 2 hours ago, Brian5671 said:

    Blocking is too far south so we get dry dry dry.    We were due for some dryness...the period b/w Thanksgiving and Xmas was incredibly wet.

    Yeah but that didn't get me close to avg for the year. I'm concerned that if we don't bank some precip over the next two months we'll see wells running dry early this year. We need 3-4 feet of snow to do a slow soak into the ground to help alleviate the problem. That said, I don't think we're going to see that happen.


  6. 22 hours ago, Juliancolton said:

    Hah. When I move I'm gonna be extra careful not to buy another place on a south-facing hillside.

    Funny because one of my prime missions is going to be a southerly aspect, easier on heating and snow removal but with tall deciduous growth so it's shaded in the summer. I don't need snow right outside my door but I need to be part of the storms and to see it and play in it when it's over. I had a condo in Steamboat the first year I lived there and the deck faced SSE so we could sit out there and have coffee in the morning in January when it was 12* and be comfortable in t-shirts. I want that situation to be part of my retirement gig :)  It'll also be better for gardening and creating my own food. 

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  7. It was about 2" then compacted a bit but I got some more after that and the temp went down. I'll measure again in a while but it looks to be a solid 2". I figured 2-3 so pretty much right on, that'll do.

    I think my neighbors down the street must read here because they moved the thermo for their station and it's right in line with the others in the area now and what I've always expected from this hill.

  8. It has been snowing lightly for a while, radar looks like there may be one more burst here before it moves out. Nickel and dime... I'll take it.

    So since it hasn't stopped snowing yet but it's compacted down to 1.5" already I can't claim 2" even though it was that much a little while ago? Sorry I'm going for max numbers ;)  I hate warm snow storms but it's better than cold rain.

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  9. 1 minute ago, IrishRob17 said:

    It is rather surprising that some folks who follow the weather are so poor at geography but I digress, still sitting at 32 with light snow now. I was expecting 1-3”, Upton had 2-4” IMBY, so it’s pretty much as expected, perhaps a bit better than what I thought. No one was expecting a major storm out of this. 

    Yeah I expected 2-3" here and that's what I'll end up with so not bad, just disappointing because it's so warm.

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