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  1. If the low truly forms in NC/SC I say it tucks I’m around the mouth of the bay.
  2. If all the models had the low forming around MD/VA and it forms 150 miles to the southwest around NC/SC what does that mean for central md?
  3. I will take pingers over freezing rain...let’s see how this goes
  4. Game time off the coast of NC...let’s see what she does.
  5. Damn...on radar this storm is fetching all the way to the TX/Mexico border
  6. I think from DC to Portland everyone is hugging a different model
  7. Current low in Kansas seems to be moving due East, maybe a smidge southeast.
  8. Good news is it held serve, didn’t go north.
  9. Agreed! You never get 3 days of straight snow in AA. Take a little sleet...be happy with over 12 inches on this run.
  10. As long as my kids can go sledding this is a win!
  11. He is in Maine. Pretty sure any movements to the NW are later in the storm evolution.
  12. Looks like San Juan is going to get in the eye.
  13. This may be a dumb question, but is there a reason why we don't launch a drone from the Hurricane Hunters inside the eye to provide real-time data?
  14. So if Maria hits Puerto Rico as a Cat 4 would that count as 3 Category 4 hits on the United States in one year?
  15. Then you need to brush up on your math. The first two time periods are 24 years..the third is 16 years.
  16. Never underestimate Irma's ability to straddle the coast so she can maximize her time over water...just seems to be her thing.
  17. Very true. How much surge do you think will roll into Tampa?
  18. Everyone was saying the same thing on Friday night as she looked like she was going to plow into Cuba. I believe she wil track right along the coast...but I guess we will find out in 30 mins
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