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  1. Won’t they send alerts to everyone’s phones as it gets closer?
  2. So much for sleeping for the next hour. That cell looks like it could track close to my area.
  3. Looks to be tracking through some pretty dense population in the next hour. Not good.
  4. They are getting pummeled with some of those bands right now.
  5. Tell that to Grand Isle…still getting hit with heavy rain…9 hours after landfall.
  6. Sure looks like Mid City NOLA is gonna catch some of that band spinning off the eyewall. Airport just getting that NE quad now
  7. One more wobble East and NOLA city center gets that eyewall. Going to be close for them. Airport looks like it will certainly get hit by eyewall.
  8. Sure looks like Ida has turned due North, if not NNE.
  9. Heavy outer bands about to move into New Orleans.
  10. This bands will definitely be going over New Orleans.
  11. On current heading the airport gets that eastern eyewall. Will be so close for downtown
  12. Recon just turned toward Ida…I am thinking they find a monster.
  13. Looks like recon should be getting to outer skirts of Ida in 10-15 mins
  14. You know it’s bad when you hope to be in the eye.
  15. I think we knew that was coming…going to be rough ride for the big easy
  16. I get the feeling that there might be a 20ft+ storm surge in this
  17. After watching canes for 20+ years you do get that feeling that this bombing out based on all available sat data. But, without dropsondes I do agree that you can’t verify.
  18. Umm…have you looked at IR. It is bombing out. There is just no Aircraft measuring it right now…and won’t be for another 80 minutes.
  19. Latest NHC path nudged East a little. One more nudge and New Orleans gets that eyewall.
  20. One more wobble north and Ida will steamroll into New Orleans. The NW track seems to have the eye wall 5-10 miles to the west. Also, looks beautiful right now.
  21. Been 16 years since Katrina. Sea level has risen ~3 inches since then. You need less surge each year and there is more water around. 3 inches might not sound like much, but it does make a difference.
  22. Remember, this is the year of the cicadas. Brood X. Those bugs are coming
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