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  1. Jan 4-6 Coastal Bomb

    Warm(er)south winds all night Wed at 850h plus 42 degree Easterlies at the surface Thursday will give us mostly rain. You might get some icing to start.
  2. Jan 4-6 Coastal Bomb

  3. February 9th Coastal Storm Discussion

    Water vapor seems to show a bit more digging than depicted on UL charts
  4. February 9th Coastal Storm Discussion

    I think only around 5" in that one. Much more on the 15th. Rain/taint/snow is a very common theme out here.
  5. February 9th Coastal Storm Discussion

    Thanks. Yup. Mostly a good thumping on the backside of the storm. Might verify blizzard if ratios go up fast enough before precip finishes
  6. February 9th Coastal Storm Discussion

    Definitely not saying we get no snow but taint factor can be off the scale sometimes out here. What's your guess for ACK? Cape Anne gets way more than us, me thinks.
  7. Weak Coastal January 6th (Rev Kev Storm)

    Does this thread cover Sat/Sun threat for Cape and Islands too?
  8. Just got a Texas Weather Instruments WLS-8000. It came with Weatherview 32 software that runs on a PC only. Data is transmitted through an RS-232 serial port via a null modem cable(supplied)and adapter cable(after purchase)that fits my 15 pin port on my older PC. I've been unable to download the drivers necessary to allow for the station and PC to communicate. Rather than struggle anymore, does anyone know if I can just buy different software and run my WLS-8000 with my new Mac laptop via an RS-232/USB adapter cable? Thanks very much.
  9. Hurricane Bob 25 years ago

    Largest surf I'd ever seen out here. Cloudbreak stuff. Walls of whitewater from swells breaking already beyond the horizon. Was following every move on the wx channel. Day before was in a sailboat race in ACK Sound. Half way through, the NWS update was ominous. Most bailed on the race. Owner of the boat wanted my opinion on what to do with his boat. He kept it at Padanaram. I said keep it here cuz the track looked like Gloria's. He said no, he'd go back and take his chances. Wind was cranking NW at the time, so I said at the very least, wait until 2am when wind would go light SE. He was glad he did. He got his boat all secured on a LONG scope when he arrived early that morning. His was one of very few boats that didn't sink. Lucky man. Back here my anemometer was peaking at 85-95mph in the afternoon. Pretty good flooding downtown in the low areas. Bob was a very dry storm for us. The air was saturated with salt spray and all the trees ended up defoliated. 2 weeks later, all the lilacs and other flowering shrubs started blooming again. Cool storm. The old timers always talk about Esther in '61. I can see why.
  10. Model Mezzanine - 3rd times a charm

    Thanks Will
  11. Model Mezzanine - 3rd times a charm

    What's the qpf down here? Are there any public sites that show that for the euro?
  12. Storm and Mood Snow Feb 8-11

    Tough forecast for out here. Rain to start. When does changeover happen? Intensity? OES factor? Many questions. I say 9" for now.
  13. Late December miracle early next week!?

    I think I read somewhere that the GFS snow totals include ice accumulation. No? So wouldn't that be mostly ice? Just wondering.