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  1. 1 hour ago, lee59 said:

    There were a couple of heavy showers that hit Nassau during the night in the East Meadow, Hicksville and parts of Levittown. Also up around Syosset over toward Huntington. I was on the southern end of one of them and picked up .61 so far. Meanwhile just a few miles away there has been very little rain. 

    Got nailed in Syosset, as I currently have .87” while my other station 3 miles to the W in Muttontown only has .12” 

  2. 13 hours ago, donsutherland1 said:

    On August 18, the SOI fell to -32.90. Since 1991, there were 8 cases when the SOI fell to -30 or below during the August 10-25 period. That outcome has often preceded a wetter than normal September in parts of the Northeast. Mean September rainfall figures for those 8 cases: Boston: 4.38" (normal: 3.55"); New York City: 5.08" (normal: 4.31"); and, Philadelphia: 5.12" (normal: 4.40"). Very wet years outnumbered very dry ones by a 2:1 ratio in Boston and 3:1 ratio in both New York City and Philadelphia. 63% of cases saw at least one day with 1" or more rainfall in Boston. 88% saw at least one day with 1" or more in New York City and Philadelphia. 50% of those cases saw at least one day with 2" or more daily rainfall in Philadelphia. In sum, the SOI may be offering a signal that there will be some drought relief for the northern Mid-Atlantic and southern New England regions in September.

    Can you list the years of the 8 cases? Just curious if tropical systems or remnants of systems came into play.

  3. 6 minutes ago, wthrmn654 said:

    What does missing count mean? 2022 says 9 compared to every other year of 0

    9 days left in the month still. Once the month is over it’ll go to 0. 

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  4. 13 minutes ago, Wxoutlooksblog said:

    19? I got my count from UOFIAMI99 and we added it up to 17. If it's 19, 24 90+ days for the season should be no problem. I was just away on Cape Cod for about 11 days. I think we'll flirt with 90 probably upper 80s this weekend, but I think we'll get heat from the 27th or 28th on and into September. 


    It's 19 if you include the 2 days in May, when the park hit 90+

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  5. 17 minutes ago, lee59 said:

    It looks like a deluge over NW Nassau around the Great Neck Glen Cove area.

    Yeah got slammed at my office in Great Neck Plaza, definitely over 1" to perhaps 2" so far.

  6. 2 minutes ago, jm1220 said:

    A Wunderground station that looks like it’s near Jackson Ave. Its down to 94 now but there were a few stations in that area in the upper 90s. 

    Ok that's S of me with houses a little closer together, not as much green compared to N of the LIRR tracks by me.

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