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  1. Congrats to the interior. I am making good effort to not be snarky.
  2. Coating. Ice cold. 14F in dot. Love it.
  3. Let's just keep it about weather related impacts.
  4. My thoughts about this: hour 132 and free tip from a life long weenie, ignore the models outside 100 hours unless you have a lot of Free time.
  5. It kind of flew under the radar, but mass dot was advertising on all electric billboard on the state, a need for plow drivers over certain weight, for months and months this fall. I'm going to talk about salt, shortages, plows, all I want. Directly related to weather and impacts. Needs to be stressed. Cannot rely on roads to be ready for you this winter. Safety first. If you make it political, not my problem. It's just a current event.
  6. A lot of businesses are completely shut down in Boston due to lack of workers. I've honestly never seen anything like it. Supermarkets are bare in certain sections. We are entering a new phase of this thing. I hope these researchers saying this is last varient is right. Deltacron story seems like clickbait.
  7. Omicron shortages. Less plow drivers. Less dpw. Less everything. I've been hearing this all over.
  8. People on Twitter now posting 150hr snowstorms and saying they are monitoring them. Idiots.
  9. Wow, if that's correct, we would have a ton of compaction. Must be loaded with qpf? @CoastalWx
  10. We definitely have at or above a foot. I had to step away. I'm not quite sure what the total is. I'm stuck inside until at least 3p.
  11. We are not in the heavy heavy anymore just heavy
  12. He is not here which means he is likely pissed which stinks
  13. Keep your eyes on the cape too. Upper cape might compete with BOS
  14. Rip Norwood Walpole weymouth Milton Canton etc
  15. Ashmont right across from all saints. So I will use you as my official measurement
  16. But tjays bad for running I thought?!
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