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  1. Just had my first cool newsroom weather experience. Pointed out that area of broad rotation near Barre. Ultimately went severe with tor mentioned in statement. Weather team assemble!!
  2. Looking sw now, I think BOS to PVD southeast does well. Heaviest cape.
  3. Wow. One hell of a little downpour here. Sounded like a monsoon.
  4. Apex oNE Pro. Buy it. Thing hits. discrette. Feels great.
  5. We're en route to this scene right now. Mike Yoshida
  6. If anyone has pics or better yet video that is not from a major outlet. Please post!
  7. This is a serious event. There are areas about to be out underwater. Bridgdport new haven Waterbury seriesioisly look oot
  8. I don't buy it I think highest totals sw CT to South of Hartford. Lbsw? @40/70 Benchmark @CoastalWx
  9. People will see widespread 3"........ relax
  10. Feels and looks like S CT will be the jack imo
  11. I'm a really big spoon he's a really small spoon
  12. NWS has declared a Flash Flood Emergency for locations below Wilmore Dam in southwestern Cambria County, central #Pennsylvania, due to an uncontrolled release from the dam. Residents being told to seek higher ground immediately.
  13. The relative helicity is going to be quite high up to the pike. Really impressive on the south coast.
  14. Hot off the press from Box: extremely bullish. Expanding SPC risk. Very concerned about storms along south coast of ma/RI and as far north as PVD to BOS.
  15. You could easily still jack there is no consensus
  16. Local offices and wpc are really hammering us saying record breaking floods coming. Literally aaying historic
  17. Better to be safe than sorry in this situation.
  18. I think Boston broke all time low temp last night 84F
  19. Night need flash flood for somewhere in E MA tonight
  20. That was some of the best video I've seen around here of a twistah
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