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  1. U were sledding down Carruth on a trash can lid
  2. If you plant ice you're going to harvest wind
  3. Oh my God, that was really 2011? I remember that melt. I would have said it was 5 years ago
  4. 36F and flurries as I shop in Manchester CT
  5. I get the shtick, but do better. I need to laugh harder.
  6. 24f in Weatogue. Off a high of 44f.
  7. Unfortunately their mask is poor. Too cold. Always counts sleet as snow. It's on my doorstep now.
  8. We are having issues now accumulating compared to first thump, but temperatures down to 32.9F. Rates and snow growth issue. Amounts won't be high. Likely garbage aloft. Mood snows, embrace and enjoy.
  9. That big initial blob of precip that hit here really cooked me down. Now close to 34F. Scott, Will and others talked about it at length. Really helped us off go a good start in terms of accumulating. Taking a peek now.
  10. Wow. Already a coating on all non cement/asphalt surfaces. Moderate snow. Great snow growth. Dropping below 37 now.
  11. Think of places where there are yoga pants, spin classes, lattes, and liberals. That's the only place I have a prayer with my wife. She likes civilization. I have an outside shot at Canton, maybe, if I'm lucky. Simsbury might be my best chance overall to get a good elevation and make her happy. PITA. If it was up to me, I'd buy a lot and build a mansion, set up a camera, and pretend I'm phin.
  12. Can anyone recommend a good fruity sour, or perhaps a very refreshing ipa that is heavy abv? Preferably CT area.
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