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  1. 25 minutes ago, vastateofmind said:

    There's no other member on this board than @Scraff (well, @CAPE, too) when the power fails, and we NEED to empty out the beer fridge before it all gets warm...or, alternately, transfer it to the ice chests....  :D 

    That is a REAL pretty sat pic right there.

    So, for those who were here back then...does Ophelia fall just short of being as impactful as Isabel in 2003 in terms of rain or wind? Or not even close? I've seen a few historical charts that showed Isabel dropped 1"-3" in the metro area, but the winds (I think, or at least remember) definitely had in impact in the area.

    Isabel had 70-80 mph gusts across our region IIRC, I don’t see any models forecasting that around here.

    Newly named Tropical Storm Ophelia is expected to move north
    through tonight, making landfall along the North Carolina coast.
    Ophelia will track into southeast Virginia, eventually losing
    its tropical characteristics and becoming an extratropical
    system as it moves across Virginia. This is the reason for the
    combination of tropical (Tropical Storm Warnings) and non-
    tropical (Wind Advisory) headlines in our area. Regardless of
    its designation, this system is expected to bring widespread
    rainfall and strong winds to the area starting tonight and
    persisting through Sunday morning.
    Light rain is expected to reach far southern Maryland this
    evening, then spread north through the overnight. Most of the
    area should be in light rain come sunrise Saturday. The
    heaviest rain should hold off until late Saturday morning.
    Temps tonight settle in the low to mid 50s, with upper 50s to
    low 60s from D.C. down to southern Maryland.
    Strong northeast winds are expected to develop along and east of
    the Blue Ridge as the circulation of Ophelia pushes northward.
    Wind gusts of 35-45 mph are expected, with stronger gusts up to
    50-55mph along the immediate coast of the Western Shore and
    Tidal Potomac. The combination of long duration wind gusts and a
    saturated ground from rain will result in higher chances for
    downed trees across the area.
    A drenching rain is expected from the Blue Ridge eastward with
    2 to 4 inches of rainfall, locally approaching 5 inches through
    Sunday morning. Given upslope flow against the east slopes of
    the Blue Ridge Mountains, some localized heavy maxima are not
    out of the question. Forecast highs are in the upper 50s to mid
    60s, locally down into the upper 40s to mid 50s across the
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