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  1. 33F with about a half inch whitening the grassy areas down here in the CRT (Middletown). Snow just starting to accumulate on a few paved surfaces.
  2. Headed up to the Killington area this weekend. The web cams have looked fantastic all morning. Radar looks good, too.
  3. Thanks for the analysis! Though if the latest NAM is right, the Killington area (where I'm headed) won't need to rely on upslope. Hoping some more reliable models jump on.
  4. Any likelihood of upslope snow in the Greens on the backside of this system, or not the right setup?
  5. Killington was so great today. About a foot of snow with soft bumps everywhere.
  6. Just started flurrying in Reading, VT
  7. Just woke up to find 11" OTG in Middletown, CT. Not to put too fine a point on it, but WTAF? Light snow now.
  8. Enjoyed this April Fool's article from VT Ski + Ride: https://vtskiandride.com/new-ski-area-forecasting-program-vt-observatory/ Could the Stowe-based reporter be inspired by our own PF?
  9. Think I've answered my own question about the northward limit of freezing rain tomorrow. Latest Euro has ticked warmer again. Seems like the Killington region could be in danger of receiving some ZR or even some plain drizzle. With the way this keeps ticking north, not sure even the Sugarbush/Stowe areas are totally out of the woods. Will hope for the best. Conditions have been amazing the past several weeks. Hopefully, the upcoming storm will verify a little further south, or at least Friday's storm will give a good refresh.
  10. Think Killington northward avoids any ZR? With the warming so high up, thinking precip will have plenty of time to refreeze on the way down for most of VT except maybe far southern areas.
  11. Looks like some sleet will make it's way into the VT ski areas. Any thoughts on how it will affect surface conditions? My sense it that mixed in with new snow, it will be dense, but most surfaces will stay soft. Sound right?
  12. Ended up with 8.5" of fluff in MIddletown, CT. Great storm!
  13. Feel better about my methodology for a second core sample. This time I compressed two 5.5" cores into the same cylinder before melting, and melted gently in the microwave covered. The 11" combined core melted down to 7/16ths (.4375) liquid. The bigger sample with a more reliable technique yielded almost exactly the same result, just over 25:1. Let's approximate 22-26:1 to account for MOE (and the lower likelihood of a greater than 25:1 ratio). Which is to say, fluffy.
  14. Just occurred to me that if I compact the snow before melting it, that should reduce evaporation. I'll try that.
  15. Just tried to do a core, but am suspicious of my results. Measured 4.8" of undisturbed snow. Melted it down to about 3/16th of inch water (.1875"). That would give a little over a 25:1 ratio. Honestly, my measuring/collection technique is probably not precise enough for snow this airy. I used a low temp heat gun to melt the snow, but I'm worried I may have evaporated some of the water during the melting. I'll try again to see what I find.
  16. A little more than an inch in the last 30 mins in MIddletown, CT. 4.25 OTG. Will try to do a core.
  17. Wasn't me, but I can corroborate the report. Gorgeous!
  18. This is stacking up very quickly. 3" since starting in earnest about 1.5 hours ago. Pure fluff. 27F
  19. 6.5" OTG in Middletown, CT. Heavy snow. 24F
  20. Still all snow in Middletown. Ground white, driveway slushy. 32.9F
  21. Temp dropping quickly. Down 1.3 degrees to 33.4F in the past 25 minutes. All snow now in Middletown, CT. Grass whitening.
  22. Starting to change over to snow in Middletown. Temp had plateaued at 35F for a bit, but now dropping again. 34.7F
  23. Down another degree to 35 in Middletown. Saw* a couple of snowflakes mix in during heavier precip. Seems like we're running about 5 degrees cooler than OKX forecast. *possibly hallucinated
  24. 36F in Middletown, CT. That's down from 43F at about 7:30. Surprised we've cooled off that much already down in the valley. Was wondering if there was something wrong with my thermometer, but it's right in line with nearby sites on wunderground. Still all rain.
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