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  1. 6.25" in Middletown, CT. 30F. This last band is some of the heaviest snow of the day.
  2. 5.75" in Middletown. Very light snow falling.
  3. Been in a great band with 1" in the last hour. Great start to the winter! 5" total. 30F. Middletown, CT
  4. 4" in Middletown, CT. Light snow. 30F.
  5. 2" on cold surfaces. That's more than I expected to see up to now. 31F
  6. First flakes! 33F.
  7. Agree, but way overdid the warm tongue in VT. It had sleet pushing past Rutland/Windsor counties along the spine of the greens, but I don't think it got much into Windsor County at all along and east of the mountains. West of the spine was another story with downsloping.
  8. Overestimated a bit. Measured 13.5". Light snow currently.
  9. Overestimated a bit. Measured 13.5". Light snow currently.
  10. Okemo, where we're skiing today, is reporting 12-16" new. Seems about right based on what we've got here. They are around 10 miles southeast of here.
  11. We're about 1500 feet, but there are higher points. It's a gorgeous, very snowy spot right in the middle of horse country. This was yesterday at around 6PM when things were just getting started, but we already had about 5" down:
  12. Eyeballing about 15" so far in Reading, VT. Will try to do a proper measurement in a bit.
  13. Here in Reading, VT, we got totally clobbered. Haven't measured, but eyeballing around 15" so far? The cars are buried to the point that the tires are invisible.
  14. All snow in Reading, VT. Looks like about 11".
  15. Snow in Reading, VT. Eyballing 6-7" accumulation. Driving up 91 around 6PM, changover to all snow was near Westmister, VT. Passed 4 cars spun off the road.