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  1. Very enlightening to see the differences in honesty in snow reports this morning. Stowe gets much respect for being straightforward about the challenging conditions. Mount Snow and Sugarbush are also pretty honest, with Snow helpfully reminding skiers of their snow guarantee. Pico is the loser today, with this line: "we will be grateful for the smooth, soft surfaces provided by Pico's grooming team." Soft? I don't think so.
  2. Snow mixing in Plymouth, VT
  3. Pico today. Gorgeous springlike weather with great corn snow and no crowd. Upper Pike bumped up a bit and skied great. The melt has been brutal, though. Most natural snow trails closed and look unskiable. Looks like mid April.
  4. Great to hear about the mountains doing well. I heard that both Magic and Gunstock had to stop selling tickets times over the weekend to prevent overcrowding, so it seems like it's not just the major mountains. It's also great that Magic has gotten their second lift running.
  5. I see the Euro is only spitting out a few hundredths of QPF during the day on Saturday. Do you think it will be wetter than modeled? We'll be up in VT either way. I'm hoping for perhaps a misty, cloudy day on Sat with just a few showers. The snow should be soft and crowds should be modest, so if it isn't too wet, it could be a pleasant springlike sleeper day. Sunday looks rough with a late night/early morning flash freeze.
  6. I also skied on 3/20/12, at Stratton in 70 degree sunshine with rapidly disappearing snowcover. It was a great day, but I figured the season was pretty much over. Then Killington got 19" of snow on April 9-10, and I had another fabulous couple of spring skiing days. A lot can happen between now and mid April.
  7. Very much hoping that Vail allows Stowe to continue to participate in discount card programs and ski council days. I love coming to Stowe periodically, but typically can't plan too far in advance.
  8. While reading up on the Stowe/Vail deal, I became aware of the Max Pass. I'd heard of it as an add-on for certain season passes, but didn't realize it was available separately. It seems pretty close to ideal for someone like me: https://www.themaxpass.com/ I already have family memberships to very inexpensive ski clubs for both the CT Ski Council and NY Capital District Ski Council, with makes us eligible for all the awareness days throughout VT. Combine the Max Pass, the ski council memberships, and something like the VT Travel Club Card (there is also the similar Ride and Ski card), and a whole family can have a ton of options for skiing at very reasonable rates. I bet we could ski 20 weekend days a year and average around $40 a day. That said, if I lived a little closer to Stowe, I'd definitely go for a Stowe pass. I just can't make the 4-hour plus drive frequently enough to justify it. Someday, maybe when the kids are older.
  9. More info on the Stowe/Vail deal: http://vtskiandride.com/vail-buys-stowe/ Key paragraph: Vail Resorts looks forward to integrating Stowe Mountain Resort into its Epic Pass and other season pass products for the 2017-18 winter season, subject to the acquisition closing. With the Epic Pass, Vermont skiers and snowboarders will have unlimited access locally at Stowe at an attractive price as well as the best of the West at Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge and Keystone in Colorado; Park City in Utah; Heavenly, Northstar and Kirkwood in Tahoe; and Whistler Blackcomb in British Columbia, Canada. The Epic pass could be an amazing deal for folks who ski Stowe regularly and also can get out west periodically. I'm very interested to see how this will or will not affect season pass pricing across New England. I've got mixed feelings about it. Naturally, I'd like to see less expensive passes, but I also have an interest in sustainable pricing and reasonable crowds. I'd really love to see more season passes that spanned several VT resorts. Something that allowed day trips to a S VT mountain, but was also valid at some central/northern mountains would be fantastic. For me, a pass like that with holiday blackouts would need to be priced for early purchase in the $600-$700 range.
  10. Mount Snow was epic today. Deep snow everywhere with totally silent turns. Seems like just about all of New England has prime skiing right now.
  11. Flipping back to very light snow here after many hours of freezing drizzle. 30/28
  12. Started transitioning to IP around 2:45 PM. Very light sleet and freezing mist now. 3.25" before the changeover. 26/23
  13. Moderate snow. 3" Total snow for the season now surpasses last winter and brings us right near or seasonal average. 16" total snow depth 25/21
  14. Mostly moderate snow with heavy bursts. 2" 24/19
  15. Moderate snow. 24/18 1"