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  1. Ok, this event certainly surprised me. 13.7" total
  2. 3.8" since 7 pm in Canton, CT. 8.6" event total
  3. I spend most of my 'forum time' on other non-weather forums. Doesn't help that this season is kinda slow
  4. 5.5" at 11pm. Snowing but rates going down Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
  5. Parachutes for the last 10 minutes
  6. 3.6" 1.1 in last 50 minutes
  7. This was the June 5-7, 2000 event. I had 53-45 on the 6th with over 2" of rain. July 2001 was a cool but dry month, probably one of the best July's ever if you don't like humidity.
  8. I had an inch of snow/sleet on the 16th in 2014, not sure how widespread that was
  9. Steady snow still but temp creeping up. Last gasp almost over
  10. That strip of 2-3" on your map is just wrong. I'm right in the middle of that and had 5.3". That 2.8" in Burlington was reported at 8:30 AM while it was still snowing hard. Nobody got less than 3". Also you put the BDL total over Hartford, BDL is in Windsor Locks.