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  1. I have a tripped planned to Jefferson NY this weekend with the lady and I'm really debating cancelling. If I go to NY and miss a once in a lifetime storm for RI I might jump off the Newport bridge. If I cancel and we get an average event I will surely be killed in my sleep. If I can score over a foot I might live. What's the likelihood this thing ends up further west and Charlestown RI ends up with another rainer?
  2. Indeed it is. I like to think that my winter experiences make me appreciate spring more than most lol
  3. I'm sure he doesn't need the extra business right now either lol
  4. I'm shocked you don't promote that more often around these parts
  5. I try to get a post in at least once per event to try to break the lurker stigma, but it's clear my interactions are not significant enough lol. My location doesn't lend me much in the way of positive input so I usually just keep it to myself, but this year has been particularly difficult and there is currently a serious shortage of mental health care professionals
  6. Lol I can't say I didn't expect to get some flack. This the only place I know of with people who share the same feelings I do and I appreciate it for that. So does my girlfriend...
  7. Lol I try to keep it in. I wish I had more to contribute to this thread, but I don't have many weenies in my life and I could use the commiseration. Thank you for bearing with me
  8. Ahhh 36 and rain here in Charlestown. A not so subtle reminder of why this place sucks. I haven't had a moment on this board yet this winter, but damn. There aren't too many things in life that make me as miserable as this weather. It's been a tough winter that's for sure. Looking forward to being in Colorado for the next one. F this
  9. Music to my ears! I'm satisfied with what I have, but that would be icing on the cake
  10. About 5 inches on raised surfaces here in Charlestown RI. Any chance that band will move east enough for me to get a taste before it's over?
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