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  1. after it looked like things were breaking up not too long ago, now snowing about as hard as it has all storm
  3. I setup a couple cams for every 20 seconds, going to try 1080p 60fps youtube when it's over, too bad I'm slim to none on jackpot
  4. SREF mean between 9z and 15z went from 28 to 22 for KCON EEN 25 to 20 LCI 23 to 18 AQW 16 to 12
  5. Fear and loathing on the north and west periphery. I wonder if I get much more than the guys north of CON and how much more MHT/ASH get. I've noticed a bunch of times there's a gradient like this forecast and Dendrite gets the same or more than me anyway.
  6. GYX all over the road, my totals up and down by a foot every update it seems.
  7. Don't know much about Menino, but it's hard to believe any politician could have an 82% approval rating in modern times (2012) Sounds like he had a rare ability to connect with people. RIP.
  8. People who don't like to hear the s-word really should move the f-word out of NE
  9. Nice link, excited someone in Bow is taking careful measurements. SDD looks like a pretty fair measure.
  10. I notice when crossing from MA into VT on 91 it's often a distinct change in weather. In NH that change seems pushed up North a bit about where the old forecast area is, so I thought it made sense. It was weird to move 10 miles from MHT to here and switch WFO's. Once nice thing about being on the line is that thoughts from both offices overlap a bit. I'd rather have had the cutoff stay close.
  11. Nothing wrong with the basement for a severe t-storm. It's not "severe" unless it has winds 58+. I think your point would be better made if the word severe were removed.
  12. Takes a bunch of energy and equipment too, but obviously it's money well spent.