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  1. Exactly …..if ever a storm to ignore Anything but ensembles it’s this one…. A “Trend” would be 2-3 straight runs of majority of ensemble movement one way or another …. The Ops are useless Jmo
  2. I’m down to 32 already here in Mooresville … headed for a Cold night
  3. How does this guy have so much met street Cred? I’ve been on here since 2013 and see his name every storm and he’s never been right on anything or remotely close. I hope ppl don’t actually pay this
  4. That looks nearly if not identical to yesterdays WPC graphic…. Apparently they’ve seen nothing to change their mind
  5. Idc if I’d get screw job too…. It would be hilarious if NAM has a full on Apps Runner
  6. I’m sorry…. I get setups ect….. but no way Florence gets a foot …. Look at the setup and some of the areas forecast to recieve even a few inches Myrtle/Wilmington think of how rare this would be….. historically this outcome is near impossible imo
  7. Idk if we will get anything big back towards the west but we won’t get zero… it always Trends NW …. Always
  8. Positive news about bad roads…. I do DoorDash/Uber Eats here in Mooresville to put myself back thru school since getting Furloughed by Norfolk Southern ….. ppl must not wanna come out I’ve made $55 since 1030 …. This area is normally pretty good but not this good lol
  9. So I hate to tell all the Eastern crew in main thread but is anyone else from 77 West just grinning from ear to ear like me? We all know at some point in next 36hrs this is gonna amp and become ours right? Lol
  10. A good bit more “big dogs” in there for WNC/CLT area than Last night
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