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  1. So now that anyone outside of imo 4K feet is out of play…. Does anyone else enjoy the tracking/Chase more than the actual event or is that just me? I love the anticipation of a model run, the highs/Lows ect lol then the event comes and goes and it’s like mehhh what do I do now lol .
  2. Still as long as I get to “see” some I’m good .
  3. It won’t let me post a pic … but it was 6-8” amounts basically 77 west up thru your area in VA .
  4. GFS although from Tidbits ummmm looked much different…. Ik Ik Tidbits but still hell of a change .
  5. Never give up till HRRR tells you no [emoji23][emoji23]….. however CLT is in EXTREME danger of breaking that all time record “NEVER has CLT not atleast had a trace at airport since like 1890” .
  6. Yes, this actually looks pretty realistic….. as good as mountains are for CAD help, they will absolutely Shred the “Death Band” if it doesn’t form perfectly and scoot under it thru the upstate it will just be wrung out like a summer time band from TN .
  7. Yea…. Still got 48-60hrs 25 miles a day lol [emoji1787] .
  8. not trying to be an ass.... but EYE no offense it was never a triangle thing anyway , and why lock the thread ? you can just not open it , certainly still a possibility for anyone along and W/NW of 77. I mean i get the discouragement but enough with this garbage man youre better than this
  9. also, @msuwx do you have an archived vid "The Carolina wx video" ? i was a Sr in HS but remember your vid on March 2009 if im not mistaken
  10. ik its verbatim but 12k still looks decent on paper somehow must be the backend thump, idk didnt look hard im at work shouldnt even be here lol ...... for what its worth 3K was pretty equal at 60hrs (end of its run) placement wise, 3K may have been 25-30 miles further east but no big deal
  11. someone is gonna get some screenshots later today
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