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  1. I give this Winter a B+ …6.5” on the season Total and Had a 3.5 week span where I did nothing but track opportunities. Only 2 worked out but still. Wasn’t a very cold winter but it produced for what it was imo. I had snow in spots for 16 days and saw Snow on Snow once. See you guys next year …. Everyone be safe and start cracking open the Natty Lights and hitting the lake
  2. That’s all I want…. One last Thing to track lol
  3. Gotta ride the line lol i still feel better that EURO/UKIE are on it and not just the GFS…. The fact they ALL have the storm only happened once in January that was the first storm
  4. I looked at the 6Z GFS …. Poof unfortunately. But maybe there’s another Beast in there That last week of Feb/Early March has been good to Nc more than a couple times in my 30yrs
  5. Oh no, so do i…. It’s the way he comes across now days. “I told you so” “see I told you nothing would happen” to me is all….. it’s just pointless smug imo
  6. Why is he so smug now? He used to be so cool…. Now it’s like all he wants to do is “I told you so” forecasting like he has something to prove by being First to Say something won’t happen…. Brad, You’ve got 100K followers on Twitter we know you’re reliable man don’t be like that. And as annoying as it is, for the love of god can Mets stop adding “Not a Forecast” or, “Stop Sharing These Deterministic model runs” like yea no sh*t, I’m sorry if someone is stupid enough to believe a model that says 30” of snow in Augusta GA like the storm a few weeks ago….. well that’s natural selection imo. But it’s like all but Maybe 2-3 Mets just copy and paste each other’s “nothings coming” catch phrases now. Only a few that don’t and 1 is nice enough to post on this board from CLT. I mean be unique man so you’re own thing…… Sorry rant over
  7. If anyone is keeping track of Accumulations, Snowshoe 24hr total I measured 3-5” range for the 24hr total…. Although I think only 2” or so Of that came from the system the rest was What I assumed to be NW Flow all day today ….sitting at 10 degrees currently …. Maybe that band back west will come thru overnight.
  8. Yea that’s pretty awesome…. It was never a really heavy Snow but a few times it definitely picked up…. I’d say 24hr total of around 5” or so. It’s so nice too, super powdery and dry
  9. Ahhh that makes sense it was just throwing me I didn’t know if it was elevation dependent since I’m at 4800’ or what. Ik Southern Piedmont/CLT Metro Climo I have ZERO clue about any mountain Climo for any state lol
  10. Still snowing up here in Wv…. Can someone explain NW Flow? It’s been moderate snow for hours now but NOTHING on radar I’d say about another 1-2” today after 2” or so overnight
  11. Hard to Tell but I’d say maybe 2” or so up here on “Country Roads” mountain… 19 and Flurries currently. Not sure what that means for you @Buddy1987 since you’re a bit further south but good luck if I’m not too late I just woke up
  12. Yea my point forecast said 2-4” tonight and “Around 1” tomorrow… no advisory or Anything though idk what the Criteria is for way up here though
  13. Hate to hear that man, hope they feel better soon! Yea it wasn’t too bad we just did tubing Today bc I also have 3 kids (9, 6, 5) and a 5 month old lol but it was actually kind of slushy until this eve probably got up in mid 30s if I had to guess, especially when the sun was out
  14. I hope…. 29/25 Here at 4800’ SnowShoe WV…. Consistent Flizzard since about 530 … Car Topper so far atleast ….. hoping someone down there in our forum gets a surprise
  15. 29/25 Snowshoe WV…. Off n on Flizzards since about 530 even though radar hasn’t shown much, Car tops ect covered.
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