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  1. Does the SPC outlook go into the overnight hours? I’ve heard a variety of answers but I feel like this forum will have the best answers. TIA.
  2. WAA starting to roll through southern valley. Light rain falling in Vonore.
  3. @TellicoWx A Tdot truck slid off the road on new 68 heading towards Tellico.
  4. Madisonville, right below the police station.
  5. Dime and nickel size here. Laying on everything. Can’t attach pictures
  6. Heavy sleet just turned into heavy snow here in Vonore rain mixing in.
  7. Grapple in Vonore, Temp at 35 dropped 3• on the way to work.
  8. HRRR shifting again. The “heart” of the valley should monitor closely as it could see more freezing rain over snow/rain.
  9. Snowing hard in Vonore, Temp at 35. Flakes are fine but starting to mix with some size. No accumulation as of yet although it’s starting to stick around longer as the flakes intensify.
  10. Wind whipped white fine flakes in Madisonville, haven’t measured yet. Maybe, 1.5