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  1. On December 14th New Jersey had 4,800 new COVID cases with a population of 9 million, Pennsylvania had 9,500 cases with a population of 13 million, Florida had 8,500 cases with a population of over 21 million. Florida currently has about 1/2 the COVID cases that the Northeastern US states do. The recent fatalities mimic the same pattern. Enjoy Florida! Restaurants, schools and bars open. Masks are optional. Less COVID.
  2. Since you’ve already had your fill of the party life SUNY might be just the thing for you. It’s not that there isn’t a social life at SUNY, but I did feel those that didn’t go to SUNY campuses (various) had a more well rounded experience. For the amount of education, expertise and intelligence required to excel in meteorology the field puts forth a lot of obstacles. Basic laws of supply and demand exist, so from my perspective those that made their love for weather and careers as their primary goal in life stuck with the field. They were willing to accept the temporary set backs, low pay, etc. For most, life happens and it becomes easier to make the same or better money in other careers. Less dislocation, uprooting of family, stability, etc. You sound very intelligent. I’m not saying don’t stick with SUNY and meteorology, but do your best to keep your options open. As you age once doors are closed they are usually closed forever. I don’t mean to sound pessimistic. I was part of the generation where broadcast meteorology became stagnant and collapsed with the advent of the Internet and smartphones. NWS more often than not had a hiring freeze and when there were openings it was often in a less than ideal place with a lot of competition. Best wishes.
  3. The NWS is forecasting 15-23" for my location in the Lehigh Valley, however looking at the 12 Z NAM I'm going with 9".
  4. I don't understand the NWS forecasts at all. The potential to bust a widespread 18-24" prediction in this scenario is very high, in my opinion.
  5. SUNY Oswego has an impressive BS program in meteorology. I went to a different SUNY school that offered both BS and graduate level meteorology. In my opinion you can’t go wrong for meteorological studies, however to be honest I was happy to leave SUNY and New York after my 4-years was up. I haven’t looked back. By going to SUNY I feel I missed out on a more typical college experience. The meteorology was outstanding, the rest of SUNY was underwhelming. If I could do it all over again I should have gone to a school with a lesser known meteorology program and better known in everything else, but of course this is all subjective. I think life and careers from the people I know at SUNY turned out as planned for about 1 in 25 students.
  6. I’m skeptical of the forecasts for higher snowfall amounts. The ECMWF was overly bullish 10 days ago. With a sub 28” low east of Newfoundland a more amplified trough in the baroclinic zone is going to need everything in place. In addition, there is a lot of Arctic, dry air to overcome. Without a well amplified trough closer to the coast I’m thinking the widespread 12”+ aren’t going to verify.