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  1. At the rate it's developing, I'd say the coup is more than likely xD 98L, despite the odds, still hasn't gotten its act together.
  2. Greek names by this weekend, anybody? Dang... I never thought I'd see the day where it would even be a possibility for them in September.
  3. I just woke up and I'm seeing a number on people calling for water rescues along the Florida panhandle. I can't really say they are to blame for not evacuating though because the focus was waaayyyyyy westward just a couples days ago. Given how slow sally is, by the time the actual hurricane warnings were up I'm sure it was too late for most people.
  4. It's already showing some promising formations. The only real threat to it's development is it's proximity to the shore. That didn't stop Sally though. It will be interesting to see if this race with 98L to become Wilfred.
  5. Maybe this will be the year TS Omega could be a thing...
  6. Glad to see the path is shifting a bit to the east but considering the growing concern of RI with this last update coupled with the storm slowing, I'm getting a bad feeling about this. Still miffed this system was dismissed just a few days. Rule of thumb, never under estimate a storm in mid September
  7. Out of curiosity, why do you think the models all put it at a low end cat 1? I'm curious what factor is in play in which the models wouldn't be predicting RI? Regardless of how strong the winds get, it sure has a lot of precipitation to be wary of regardless. The main thing I'm concerned about is it slowing down towards New Orleans... I saw that they're evacuating people outside of the levee system but aren't the levees a bit of a flood trap once water is inside?
  8. As someone from Michigan this made me chuckle. The I remembered the "Huroncane" was a thing and decided it's best not give 2020 any ideas.
  9. I think the reasoning it hasn't intensified much yet was the windshear pushing the bulk of the storm over florida. However, assuming that lets up, the gulf is never trustworthy xD I haven't looked at the models yet today but my gut has been telling me a solid cat 2 since it was a disturbance. However, that's just my gut xD
  10. Hello! I'm a weather enthusiast who has always been fascinated with weather-in particular severe weather events and the immense power it can display. I recently turned 22 and have decided to put college on hold until the current pandemic subsides. Part of this is my lack of attention in online classes but the other half is to do some soul searching on what, if any, degree I would want to pursue. Ever since high school my parents commented how odd it was that I didn't want to be a meteorologist given how geeky I am with the weather. Truth is I was quite interested but there was a problem: Calculus. When I was doing my research on what courses I would need to take, the thought of calc III was too much for me. To say I had a rough time in pre-calc would be a grave understatement. It was the very class that made me realize that an engineering career wasn't for me. Granted, the teacher was terrible (the denied her tenure if that explains anything) and my AP Calc class the next year went a lot smoother. However, I was never great at actual calculus either. Now, I'll make clear that I actually LOVE math. Algebra and geometry are among my favorite subjects in academia. Pre-calc was the first time where I was in the middle of the class in terms of understanding. For the first time, I felt insecure in my abilities and I decided that anything remotely math based was not on my agenda. This was 6 years ago and I want to believe I'm more open to learning Calc again but I guess my real question is, what else should I expect assuming I'm able to at least have a basic comprehension of the calculus classes? Are the calculus equations the most difficult part of MET courses or are there other stuff that could pose an even greater challenge for a student? Are the physics courses just as difficult? For a long term goal, I'd be more interested in Broadcast Meteorology, does a bachelor's degree suffice or is grad school pretty much expected for the career? I mostly just want to know what I would expect in a college curriculum and if my struggles with Pre-calc are a sign that I may be a bit over my head. Thank you for readning.