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  1. Great idea, but we should probably wait for a few more weeks just in case we get a fluke. No point in redoing work.
  2. bluewave just posted this in the NYC thread. Thought it belonged here for posterity.
  3. 0.2" - 10/29/11 1.3" - 1/9/12 1.3" - 1/20-21/12 0.3" - 2/11-2/12 3.1" seasonal
  4. Where people started freaking out about the superband: Classic Ji
  5. I love going back and reading the old Eastern threads. It lacks something with all of the hotlinked images missing, but the raw excitement is fantastic.
  6. 0.2" - 10/29/11 1.3" - 1/9/12 1.3" - 1/20-21/12 2.8" seasonal
  7. 0.2" - 10/29/11 1.3" - 1/9/12 I had to go back way too far to bump this thread.
  8. +5 would be considered a major torch, yet that leaves room for days in the 30s and days in the 60s. I might have answered "cold" before I had heating bills and dog chores. I just want snow, and I want the snow to stick around. So if it snows, it can be super-cold.
  9. I had always been jealous of the big east coast storms. We had plenty of snow back in MN, but I had been in only one monster, almost 20 years ago. This was finally the storm I had been waiting for. And now it seems like almost an afterthought of the 09-10 winter. Amazing.
  10. Here's the executive order: No matter what the wording was, the real reason this came about was that certain groups, including veterans, charged that agencies were using SCEP and the other programs to circumvent the traditional hiring rules (they weren't wrong). (My wife is in federal HR)
  11. They took the data from the American Community Survey (ACS - Census Bureau), so it is actually a nice set of data, but it is definitely going to miss things like whether you are working in the field of your major. In fact, the last page of the Physical Science section has the following breakdown for sector of employment for the At Sci majors: 1) Public administration 2) Professional services 3) Information 4) Manufacturing (durable) 5) Education services
  12. Here's the Georgetown data: Considering that the unemployment rate for college grads is only 4.4%, it isn't as much of a leap down to those really small numbers.
  13. 7th floor. Only heard the dropped ceilings shaking until the big S-wave bump at the end. Got the F out then. Damn cell lines jammed immediately. Fun stuff.
  14. http://www.americanw...post__p__708968 Chickasha
  15. Just an FYI for those who don't know - UAH has a C-band research radar called ARMOR. You can get real-time imagery from a link on the left here:
  16. The depth of snow can sometimes be hard to gauge, but when it is right against something that you are very familiar with, it makes it so amazing. We have an open playing field right behind our house, and the wind just ripped across the field, up the 20' embankment, and right into our backyard. It was fantastic. Only wish we had more like the 20"+ of snow that N MD got, rather than my estimate of 9". And a fun one from the inside of our screened in "patio" (former carport).
  17. Was fun to watch the "Superband" come through on Wednesday morning. I only had 4" at the morning measurement, and then all heck broke loose with the band and the wind, so my 9" total was pretty much an educated guess.
  18. Couple more. The first is what I consider a classic northern VA shot, of the impression of a plow that ran off the road.
  19. You were smarter than we were. We had the basics early on also, but didn't buy any junk food. By Tuesday we were desperate for a bag of Doritos or something. Fairfax Co. contracts out the snow removal in my neighborhood and they tried to send a pickup with a blade to clear our street Tuesday morning. It failed about a half block away. The picture below is of a bunch of us clearing out a path in the street. My wife and I made a Safeway and Home Depot run quick before the blizzard started, but couldn't get back up the hill to our house. So, we had to dig out a parking spot in the adjoining street, put the car there, and walk our junk back to the house. The car would stay there until Friday morning after the blizzard, which meant that our street wasn't fully plowed for an entire week.
  20. Bah. Can't believe I'm following a storm so closely that I'm 2500 miles away from. Good luck everybody!