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  1. Are those the apartments north of University on the west side of campus? Not a great view from the webcam, but any white is nice to see.
  2. And they have been whining about it.
  3. I had not seen anything about it, but they must have change the website for a reason.
  4. Rodney, I noticed that LWX updated their monthly temperature numbers at It now has 1944 as 71.6. My old spreadsheet placed us third, but with the update it looks like this May was 4th.
  5. Added warmest Jan-Mar 2012: 47.3 1990: 46.3 1998: 44.4 Almost a clear 3 degrees above 3rd place. If we are merely average for the remainder of the year, we will have a top-5 warmest year at DCA. +0.7 the rest of the way makes 2012 the king. That is how warm it has been.
  6. Falls Church, VA 8 March 2012 60.3° @ 9:13am SSE gusting to 18mph Crocuses in full bloom, daffodils peaking out, snow drops probably past peak
  7. All stats for DCA Temperatures: 5th warmest April (2010) 2nd warmest Spring (2010) Warmest and 3rd warmest June (2010 & 2011) Warmest month and warmest July (2011), 2nd warmest July and 2nd warmest month (2012), 3rd warmest July and T-3nd warmest month (2010) Warmest and second warmest Summer (2010 & 2011) 4th warmest September (2010) 4th warmest Autumn (2010) 3rd warmest Winter (2011-12) 4th warmest Year (2011) T-5th warmest Year (2010) Warmest March (2012) Warmest Jan-Mar (2012) Warmest Jan-Jun (2012) Snow: Snowiest December (2009) 2nd snowiest Month and 2nd snowiest February (2010) Snowiest Winter (2009-10) 3rd least snowy Winter (2011-12) Precipitation: Driest February (2009) 5th driest July (2009) 5th wettest Sept (2011) 2nd wettest Dec (2009)
  8. Great idea, but we should probably wait for a few more weeks just in case we get a fluke. No point in redoing work.
  9. bluewave just posted this in the NYC thread. Thought it belonged here for posterity.
  10. 0.2" - 10/29/11 1.3" - 1/9/12 1.3" - 1/20-21/12 0.3" - 2/11-2/12 3.1" seasonal
  11. Where people started freaking out about the superband: Classic Ji
  12. I love going back and reading the old Eastern threads. It lacks something with all of the hotlinked images missing, but the raw excitement is fantastic.
  13. 0.2" - 10/29/11 1.3" - 1/9/12 1.3" - 1/20-21/12 2.8" seasonal
  14. 0.2" - 10/29/11 1.3" - 1/9/12 I had to go back way too far to bump this thread.
  15. +5 would be considered a major torch, yet that leaves room for days in the 30s and days in the 60s. I might have answered "cold" before I had heating bills and dog chores. I just want snow, and I want the snow to stick around. So if it snows, it can be super-cold.
  16. I had always been jealous of the big east coast storms. We had plenty of snow back in MN, but I had been in only one monster, almost 20 years ago. This was finally the storm I had been waiting for. And now it seems like almost an afterthought of the 09-10 winter. Amazing.