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  1. Straight from the horse's mouth (Lance Bosart of Albany via the MAP mailing list)

    "As Isaias accelerates north-northeastward after landfall in the Carolinas the northern part of its rain shield will attempt to merge with the southern end of a separate rain area near the central Appalachians. This separate rain area, which has some elements of a predecessor rain event, is associated with weak warm-air advection in the equatorward entrance region of a strengthening jet streak. The absence of an antecedent cool high over eastern Canada has limited the magnitude of the lower tropospheric thermal gradient across the Northeast and the potential for significant warm-air advection well in advance of TS Isaias."

  2. 1 minute ago, Imgoinhungry said:

    what time is this showing?  Im in a trailer in ocean city and am going to get a hotel room.  Trying to decide if I should get one tonight and do late check out tomm.  Or get one tomm and request early check-in.  Dont feel like paying for 2 nights.

    Here’s Ocean City from the Euro.  The times are local.


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  3. The Windy app has this handy “wind accumulation” map.  Effectively, it is the highest wind gust at any one point from the models.

    The Euro is presented for weenie purposes only since we know that the wind products are problematic.

    Low 50s at DCA, low 60s Balt inner harbor, low 70s Annapolis, low 80s Salisbury.

    The GFS shaves 15-30 mph off that.  The NAM Nest has a flatter distribution in the 50s, which is still impressive.


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  4. Just now, jewell2188 said:

    When was the last time the entire area actually had something to talk about here lol??? Certainly wasn’t this past winter!!!

    That March synoptic wind event from a couple of years ago!

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