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    1 hour ago, NorthArlington101 said:

    Gotta say, I’m loving Zoom. Works like a charm. I somewhat never want to do in-person meetings again. Saves a lot of travel time.


    We switched to Zoom less than a month ago and it is working perfectly.  Had a big meeting earlier this week and did the multiple breakout rooms and everything.  Stellar.  There is a lot of fretting at the higher levels about productivity, but with the lower number of meetings, no travel, and few distractions, our core productivity is way up.


    3 hours ago, C.A.P.E. said:

    So anyone wearing a mask when going out to get groceries now?

    I am heading out shortly. I have a legit respirator for spraying bad shiit. Maybe I will wear it. Should get some interesting looks.


    I went to grab groceries at lunchtime today and I'd say 60-70% of people were wearing masks.  Felt like being in a hospital.  It was legit creepy.

  2. 2 hours ago, Scraff said:

    So I’ll definitely see some snow today! Apparently the family and I have a double feature planned. Frozen and Frozen II.  :facepalm:

    (I like both movies)

    Watched Frozen 2 with the family last night.  Must have hit it within an hour of it appearing on Disney+.

  3. 3 hours ago, supernovasky said:

    I have been sick as a dog. Dry cough, fever 101, sore throat, malaise, weakness, etc. For 8 days. I went to the doc yesterday who swabbed for strep and flu. Negative on both. Asked about covid, testing isn’t there unless you have a known contact or went out of the country. I do have a lot of contact in my job with international people.


    Who knows. It’s been ugh though. Hope everyone is well and stays healthy through this.

    I read somewhere that shortness of breath is a sign.  That's the extent of my medical knowledge.

    2 hours ago, PrinceFrederickWx said:

    The vast majority of my money is still in the G fund. I was talking about setting my contribution allocations going forward (which I've got set to nearly all C fund now)- I will be dollar cost averaging all the way down.

    I don't think anyone knows where the bottom will be (I certainly don't) and attempting to time the market and "look for the bottom" are not going to work. I do know that the last few years have been ridiculously overvalued, which is why I sat it out. I've been waiting for this bear market. And to think, just a few months ago I was told the exact opposite- "You're still sitting in the G Fund? You're missing out on this historic bull market!" 

    I'm totally fine with a 50% drop, the lower the better. I have a lot of time... unless you're going to argue we're Japan in the 1980's, in which case we're all screwed anyway so it doesn't matter.

    Went to a financial planner that recommended that based on my age/retirement dates and risk tolerance, I should shift to the L2050 fund which is obviously more aggressive.  He said that at near the market top.  I made the realignment this afternoon.  Saved 20%+ on the way down.  If it goes down more, eh, don't care. 

  4. 14 hours ago, PDIII said:

    I just used the money that I had saved to pay my taxes this year to buy shares of Hilton, American Airlines and Disney.   

    Maybe a day early.

  5. 1 hour ago, WinterWxLuvr said:

    So dumb.

    In the end it’s gonna be a ton of money spent, ruined events, and all for nothing.

    I don’t care what they do, you will never contain the spread of this. So live life and let’s get on with it.

    I can speak for the validity of this but I was listening to a guy on the radio yesterday and he was supposedly quoting stats from the cdc. He said that 80% of those who will contract this will require no medical attention. He also said that the average age of those who have died was 80!! He also said that ALL of them had underlying medical conditions. Now I don’t know if he was just speaking about the US or not.


    Regardless, my hunch is that once we have a valid number of cases to base conclusions off of, meaning at least 500,000 us cases, that we are going to see a very low death rate and a specific set of victims.

    Im not saying throw caution to the wind. Take precautions. But to let this thing tank economies, bring daily life to a standstill is ridiculous. The media is fanning these flames because it gets attention. We live in an age of sensationalism where logic and reason seemingly have no place.

    Oh well, rant over. But I can tell you that I’m one person who is not going to let fear of a virus, a cold virus at that, keep me from doing anything I want to do.

    The argument on the other side is that while you can't contain the spread, you can slow it down so that hospitals do not become overwhelmed.  That is the scary scenario for the rest of us that aren't really at a high risk. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, high risk said:

            well, crap.    Those got added in pretty late, so I guess that LWX had to look pretty hard to find them   :rolleyes:

            but in seriousness, the Culpepper reports don't totally surprise me, but the Fairfax reports do.      I didn't see anyone in this forum report strong winds inside of the Beltway.....

    That's the problem with storm reports.  One was a branch down and another was a tree down.  But that doesn't really tell you if the winds were super-strong or whether the trees are in terrible shape.  I gusted higher this morning at my house than last night and I was in a pretty good storm spot last night.

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  7. I mowed two weekends ago, more as a mulching to get rid of the leaves.  I've noticed that I do have new growth in places.  Must depend on the type of grass. 


    The winter weeds have been horrible for the past two years.

  8. 4 hours ago, WxUSAF said:

    My tulips look 7-10 days away from bloom.  

    It isn’t unusual to have our daffodils and irises poking out by now, but they are really mature looking.  Maybe Saturday morning will stunt the growth.

  9. 5 hours ago, Bob Chill said:

    It's hard to go wrong anywhere in NE or north. Very rugged and beautiful basically everywhere. NH has no state income tax and that's very important as we are trying retire early. MD is awful with both income and property taxes. No chance we're staying here unless they drop income tax. We all know the chance of that is 0%. If we both end up north we can hook up, ride sleds and weenie out. Lol

    MD’s problem is the county tax.  Without that, the taxes could be a wash with NH depending, of course, on income and house price.  NH’s property tax rates are out of control.  2%+ in many areas.

    When people talk about moving for tax reasons, in most cases what they really are doing is moving for quality of life (weather) or bang for your buck (cheaper housing) reasons.  The taxes just don’t make that much of a financial difference in the vast majority of cases.

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  10. Playing around with my snow history.  Pretty amazing that over an 11-year period, I've settled in right near the long-term average (which is 20" for my location, as far as I can tell).  That median though.


    Season Snowfall
    09-10 Seasonal 69.0
    10-11 Seasonal 12.5
    11-12 Seasonal 3.1
    12-13 Seasonal 12.5
    13-14 Seasonal 48.3
    14-15 Seasonal 22.7
    15-16 Seasonal 31.0
    16-17 Seasonal 6.2
    17-18 Seasonal 9.5
    18-19 Seasonal 20.3
    19-20 Seasonal 2.2
    High 69.0
    Low 2.2
    Average 21.6
    Median 12.5

  11. 34 minutes ago, GATECH said:

    Massive fire on route one in Alexandria section of Fairfax county.  Smoke showing up well on radar.



    Ah, should have checked here too.  Posted the same in the Banter thread.  Heck of a fire.