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  1. I'm setting up in east Iowa, probably use US 11 to get back across the Mississippi. Hopefully any sups track north of my house (Janesville). Today is conditional but I'm thinking it over preforms, especially if SPC leaves it at slight.
  2. NAM3K doesn't have discrete cells often, but it does Thursday. Most models are showing the slowing trend, Thursday looks to be another severe weather outbreak across Dixie. Pending 00z guidance a day 2 moderate risk is certainly possible.
  3. Really the only model that isn't on board is the GFS, UKMet has been mirroring the NAM for the past couple days.
  4. Is it me or is the 12z Euro almost a copy of the past few NAM runs at 500mb.
  5. The outflow from the northern convection earlier is coming south. If the storm rides it, the tornado threat may continue, but the stable air may cut off surface inflow.
  6. Plenty of trees in MS. The terrain it's going over isn't any different then when the cc hole was very deep.
  7. What would cause the velocity to be this impressive but have the cc hole progressively get less pronounced? Can someone smarter then me answer this?
  8. Looks like the storm behind it may be raining into the updraft, I wonder what that's going to do to the longevity of the tornado.
  9. There's the cc drop. GR2 seems to be having a problem resolving the velocity again. Strong couplet though.
  10. Looks like a tornado went through Leesville, LA
  11. When are we getting a radar in Meridian? It's very much needed.
  12. Brief tornado reported west of Quitman, MS
  13. New watch in AL is 90/70 tor probs.
  14. SPC just put out an MCD for that cell SW of Houston. Says trend is toward a more discrete mode.
  15. I'm pretty sure Patrick Marsh explain PDS watches as: Sig tor values over 70% are automatically PDS, anything 70% or lower is at forecaster discretion.
  16. High risk apparently isn't happening now.
  17. How do chasers or public get access to NWS Chat?
  18. In this environment, any storms should be spinning but the lack of UH tracks in interesting.
  19. Are these meant to be supercells in central AL? No UH tracks with them