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    JAN 4th Coastal

    Hopefully you hang out cause what you're talking about sounds like the bomb

    JAN 4th Coastal

    As a former Realtor i couldnt agree more Happy 20k Mitch

    JAN 4th Coastal

    Always divide the NAM precip by half, you'll be less disappointed when the flakes stop falling

    JAN 4th Coastal

    Copy that. I knew there was an upgrade, that wasn't very popular, and just couldn't remember when it took place

    JAN 4th Coastal

    Not sure when the upgrades took place, but when the euro nailed Sandy from about a week out (eventually the Nam was the next to come around to the final euro solution), I thought I recalled everyone saying the euro was the best at handling these super low pressured storms off coming up the east coast.... has that since changed??

    JAN 4th Coastal

    somewhere between salisbury and milford will pop with double digits no doubt, has been that way for just about every storm the past 2 years

    Jan 4th Coastal

    radio show tomorrow night (that should kill what little bit of hope still around after another 4 more GFS showing a fish storm)

    Holidays 2017-18 Mid-Long Range Disco 2

    Any snow after Christmas sucks any way. Would rather have a white Christmas than a late Jan bliz, Feb blow storm, or March sidewalk melter (by then you got the whole sun angle (posts) to deal with :p)

    December Banter String

    Thanks Chuck. Looks like as usual, 40N always gets the prom queen

    December Banter String

    Thanks BC, you just summarized alot of what ran thru my head earlier this week watching this develop

    December Banter String

    General question... does an early winter storm like this offer a better chance for a coastal L to bomb out after transfer, due to ocean temps being elevated (compared to say mid Jan - late Feb)??

    March 25 snow event obs

    I'm on the Southeast side of Camden, DE (approx 2 miles west of DAFB). It was dumping huge flakes from about 6:00 - 7:30, now just snowing moderately. I'm waiting to hear back from my brother (he lives on the South end of Knifebox Rd, just N of Denton), it looks like its been set up over him the entire time. EDIT: No superband anymore, radar needed refreshing, lol

    Potential storm February 12-13 2014

    The Low down in the GOM seems to be about 50 miles SW of where it was forecasted to be at this time, will this have any bearing on the potential future track ?
  14. Wind has been ripping non-stop here in Dover, DE since about midnight last night, and gusts have been steadily getting stronger it seems as the day goes on. Just watching a warehouse/office building across the street from my office, they put on a new white rubber "rolled" roof on the building last summer, and the north end of the building must have come unglued as the wind has been blowing it up off the roof all day. Picture a very large, very heavy, white sheet being "waved" every 15 - 30 seconds. The only difference being everytime a "wave" comes by it picks up air conditioning units about 2 feet off the roof and slams them back down. Its insane, i've never seen anything like it in my life. Its probably about 100,000 sq. foot building so I would imagine if that roof decides to rip loose its going to take almost the entire parking lot of cars below it. I'll see if i can get a pic of it.

    2/1 Clipper OBS Thread

    Some pics I took about an hour ago of the "bottom" side of Silver Lake in Dover, DE.