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  1. Tis fine. Let me know if you hit your benchmark.
  2. I hate to say it, but the data at my office is not favorable for us...especially the NOVA or DC area. Montgomery county still has a chance.
  3. You can delete my post or ridicule me. But we have seen this before. This set up is ready to let us down. I hope not, but the models do not favor us.
  4. Looking like a nothing for DC and NOVA. Remember your climo.
  5. Yup, that's what it's about. A beat down on a model run. Who cares about the actual snow.
  6. I find it interesting that the general tone of the comments is that this storm has already happened, and this or that model performed well and this or that model blew it. Sheesh, let it play out.
  7. I kept my expectations low, and enjoyed the fact it didn't start looking like a threat til later in the week. Just happy to get a few inches with nice rates.
  8. Totally puking fatties with caved roads in Harco. So much thumping. Again, puking fatties. Everything has caved. Thump. Cave. Fatties. Puke.
  9. Currently 30 and light rain here in central Harford County. NWS continues to reduce totals with every update.
  10. The storm thread has become hard to follow. So is this second part not going to pan out for those North of Balt (below Mason Dixon) as well?
  11. So far, not much to report from Forest Hill (north central Harco). 28 deg, dusting, pixie flakes.
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