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  1. well its one model out of how many? look at the radar atm now cast it and if it doesnt match up early on throw out the model?
  2. what do you mean nothing? radar is starting to fill in again? is the hrrr just down?
  3. very light snow here but radar says sleet go figure.
  4. well all we need is some moderate precip and it will change back to snow. got all the way down to 22 night vs the 26 they were calling for. atm im 24.1
  5. I have been looking all night and didnt see any updates to winter storm warning. abc27 still claiming 4-8 I have just shy of 6 here. If we get another 18 here they are going to bust low but they will end up changing the forecast any way.
  6. but yeah lets see how this model plays out but all of them are kind of showing this.
  7. if it retrogrades we may hit 3 feet in the burg area
  8. thats good but remember have to worry about other stupid drivers lol. I honestly dont think any one should be on the road tbh.
  9. atm I dotn think any one should go to work unless you emergency personal. Or have a awd car or a nice truck. but up to 20 more inchs give or take your car may me pushing snow vs driving in it.
  10. for harrisburg that looks closer to 20 inchs? or a foot?
  11. thanks for all the updates does this give us another foot maybe or maybe more
  12. so about 10 tuesday shocked face it goes from mon night ending to 3 am now to like 10am lol omfg.
  13. wait wait wait what? so does it pump snow back into our area harrisburg lancaster all that time?
  14. maybe i shouldnt say frames but hours for the stall?
  15. God dang the precip field better fill in. how about movement speed does it slow down more?
  16. what name are you talking about latest run from last night? or new one I always get the times confused on model runs.
  17. I have 5.25 just outside harrisburg. It never really stopped snowing all day just got a tad lighting. All day I had pretty big flakes tho.
  18. at what point does a 10 to 1 ratio go higher? im down to 23 atm. im thinking atm I may be up to a 12 to 1
  19. Oh ok cause that one frame on the gif looked like it was coming up last showing like 1.3 guessing it was first and I was wrong thanks,
  20. at what point does a 10 to 1 ratio go higher? im down to 23 atm. im thinking atm I may be up to a 12 to 1
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