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  1. Luckily it is low tide. Minimal flooding in Charleston. Winds have shifted to offshore. Majority of rain appears to be on the northeastern side of I-26. Wind gusts up to around 31 mph in Mt Pleasant. Storm looks to be threading the needle between Isle of Palms and Dewees Island. Yesterday evening my pool had a good three inches to go before it got close to the top...this morning it is overflowing...Mainly a rain event with this one.
  2. Just a quick note before I head back to Charleston. I finally after 126 hours have power back here in my little nook of Lake Lure. The majority of this area had power back on Wednesday and Thursday. What an awesome time. Thanks for the snowy hospitality!
  3. Finally got a cell signal. No power since Saturday 11 p.m. here in Lake Lure. I received a good ten inches or more here. Sunday night we had more of a slushy mix than snow.
  4. We've had rain falling since 1 o'clock and I'm just now starting to see some snow mixing with rain here in the Lake Lure area.
  5. My biggest question at this point is do I have enough room to pack the old Flexible Flyer in the car? I am very excited for this snowventure to begin! And for me, that happens in about an hour when I aim the car northward towards Lake Lure. Woohoo, we're about to have some fun ya'll!
  6. Gonna keep this short. Just in case ya couldn't tell by my post count I'm a newbie here. I've been following your mountains and foothill winter threads for a couple of years now and just wanted to say thank you to all of you. I've loved reading this thread and learning more about weather. And yea, I especially love that ya'll can help me decide when I need to make a run to the mountains for snow! Ya'll are just awesome and you help more people than you realize. Met, best wishes in your future endeavors. You will be missed here. Now, I'll shut up and go back to lurking and watching since I am no weatherperson, just an individual that enjoys the snow and taking pictures of weather.