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  1. 31 minutes ago, buckeyefan1 said:

    I have no idea what I've done to get badges and points  :( 

    If you all are having any issues with the upgrade, please let me know. I know there is trouble with the mobile version missing messages and notifications for some. They're working on the bugs, so hopefully we'll be out of newbie status soon. 

    Love the new look and colors, very clean.  Still figuring out whats new....other than the humiliation of the badge thingy.  

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  2. Just about time to put this one in the archives.  There's nothing left to get on the long range.  Spring has sprung.  

    The 90 day outlooks for Oct/Nov/Dec are just 6 months away!  Now get out there and get those weeds people!!  We may need a spring rain whining thread.

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  3. 1 hour ago, NorthHillsWx said:

    Haha watch this do the absolute most opposite flip imaginable for the southeast and transition from a severe event to a surprise snow tomorrow 

    Wutchu talkin' bout Willis?  

    I'll take my liquid in any form today.  The grass seed is ready!

  4. 4 hours ago, buckeyefan1 said:

    Why does my point and click on weatherbug show a sloppy mix Monday the 15th and Tuesday the 16th? Didn’t they get the message that I’m done with these games?  :gun_bandana: 

    Well I have a frozen mix on tap here in the Triad with a high of 60° and a low of 44°.  There must be some serious government testing going on. Likely to see some of that plastic snow that wont melt and just burns like they had in Texas.  As long as it shovels easily I guess I'm cool with artificial snow.  :arrowhead:

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  5. Bright sunshine and 51 here in the Triad.  But it sorta smells like snow, and I just mowed my yard which usually brings the snow in pretty quick.  Hopefully that cloud deck rolls in soon.  I'm loving my chances for some accums between star gazing sessions.  

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  6. 16 minutes ago, Justicebork said:

    Wait a second I thought we used the Socratic method to prove there was a reverse jinx can somebody please tell me what we learned here?

    No, it was the Sarcastic Method that was used.  Other than that your post was accurate.

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  7. 41 minutes ago, Phelps said:

    We're about to transition from whining about lack of cold, to whining about lack of warmth.  (at least until the sticky icky gets here) 

    Anywhere between 50° and 72° you wont ever hear a peep out of me.  Ideal working conditions no matter the job!

  8. Once this weekend uneventfully passes, you guys need to seek help immediately.  This winter is going to scar a lot of folks.  I'm going back to my previously scheduled mild and rainy spring where the weeds are already ankle high.  

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  9. 23 minutes ago, BornAgain13 said:

    We are actually in the 6-7 day range with this possibility... yeah I know the way winter has gone , it's a long shot but let's see how things trend...

    Yes, you and Buddy may be the only ones in this forum with a shot.  I think there may be a recall ballot going around already to remove Virginia from the Southeast.  So ya' better be careful touting all that snow.  :P:lol:

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  10. Its over folks. Friday's fantasy is forgotten. We dont have the storm tracks or the cold working in our favor and by the time we see the action shift to the east coast in early March we lose due to avg temps and sun angle.  It will take a BIG dog to get anything at that point.  Fire up the spring thread and enjoy your 60's this week across the Carolinas.  

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  11. 1 hour ago, WinstonSalemArlington said:


    "March, in like a lion out like a lamb." GFS predicting the first part should be correct as blocking shifts from Europe closer to Greenland allowing relatively colder temperatures to return to both Europe & the Eastern US. Still just a forecast but impressive expanse of cold air!

    I've seen that movie before.  Yes it may be cold in terms of departures from norms.  But the problem is our norms go up 10 degrees in March.  So a relatively cold airmass still puts us smack dab at 32.5° and rain.  

    I'm over it.  Too much mess to clean up and landscaping to do.  Bring me dry, weeks and weeks of it.  And not in June, July and August!!

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  12. 1 hour ago, frazdaddy said:

    I will check back in on Wed. and see how this is working out.

    I'll check back on Feb 26th after the late night model runs, cut whatever the clown maps show by 2/3rds, increase the the temps to 32.5° and divide all of that by zero.  That is precisely what I will get.

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  13. 5 minutes ago, BornAgain13 said:

    By the way , another bad showing for the Weather Channel. They have a reporter in DC expecting 5-8" of snow , I watched earlier and they were getting sleet.

    They just missed though.  I have a coworker in NW Baltimore suburbs and they have 6" and still hammering.

  14. 2 minutes ago, burrel2 said:

    All the global models depicted this dry slot fairly well...

    I trust you Burrell, but I'll be darned if I can recall even one mention of a dryslot on this event.  The QPF forecast was solid.  Only the NAM even hinted late in the game that the QPF may be lighter than expected.  If I missed it I'm sorry.  This is so frustrating to see so many people plan for the absolute worst over and over again for next to nothing.  Because next time we know they wont prepare.

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