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  1. Same here in Hamptonville....let my dog out with only rain....went back out 30 minutes later and the ground was white. Simply amazing and beautiful
  2. He posted a in-depth video last night. He’s all in!
  3. Thank you! We will be praying for your son and family as well through his sickness!!
  4. I wouldn't waste anytime. Once the mandate is put in place it will be chaotic!! Someone else can better answer the timeframe of typical mandates.
  5. What time frame do you feel the confidence level will be pretty certain of her track? I have elderly parents in the Triad that I need to prepare to move if she's indeed coming this way. I haven't been able to read much on the forums this week so I've quickly glanced through the comments this morning and it appears the OTS possibility has dominshed to basically none.
  6. 8.25" in Yadkinville and still snowing!! 25 degrees
  7. Awesome, thanks WOW! I've been noticing the NW trend but wasn't sure how far NW it will come.
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