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  1. Watching the correlation coefficient radar and the sleet line bisecting Forsyth County SW-NE is incredible. Can literally see the battle, couple miles back and forth job.
  2. Is thundersnow out of the question somewhere in the Piedmont overnight?
  3. Tiny bits of sleet mixed in with what I can only describe at small, white bombs. Half dollar size wet flakes. Slushy roads only though still. Not totally covered.
  4. As the system goes from positive to more neutral tilt, is that when we start seeing a slightly more S-N component of the radar flow? So SSW to NNE instead of just SW-NE?
  5. Send some of that white love up this way. Wait, that didn't...nevermind.
  6. Question is, have we seen our last flip of the day? I counted 7 or 8 times back and forth since this morning.
  7. Finally went to near 100% snow about 15 minutes ago. Still no stickage on any surfaces.
  8. Mostly rain still in Winston. Strange. Thought this current blob over Forsyth would be first real big flakes. Not the case.
  9. ...and right on cue, back to wet snow. Everything just wet, no stickage on any surfaces. Yet.
  10. In lighter returns, we are back to just light rain/drizzle here. I suspect this will be order of the daylight hours. Back/forth, no accumulation until after dark.
  11. Still just cloudy here in Hanes Mall area of Winston.
  12. Anyone else who uses RadarScope experiencing problems?
  13. Fox8 Van Damme Denton said about the same across Triad. Upped totals modestly from earlier. Slushy 1-3” but acknowledged multiple model support for higher. Warm ground, warm ground.
  14. How can all this be less than 24 hours away, and not even a WWA issued?