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  1. Driving from Winston Salem to DC this morning, going to take 29 route: Greensboro-Lynchburg-Charlottesville-DC. Expecting to see different light precip types. Will try to mPing and post obs. Flizzard here at the moment.
  2. Let’s have this thing exist at D4 range. Then I’m in.
  3. Looking at CC on doppler, first time I ever remember being south of the west to east oriented sleet line...and its snow falling. Back and forth snow/sleet but super interesting. Using KFCX site and location is downtown Winston-Salem.
  4. All three falling at once in Winston near downtown. Even mix id say. Slushy on car tops just a little
  5. Might go snow chasing northbound from Winston on Weds AM. Figure I’ll need at least 50-60 miles.
  6. I lived in Montclair 92-97. Parents were there until 2015. Was always amazed with difference in snow totals and p-type between there and even Manassas, let alone further towards Haymarket/Gainesville. Driving up and down 234 conditions would change so fast.
  7. Well, back edge of precip entering Forsyth county. No flakes in Winston, just wet and low 40s. Pretty cool shot though on LWX CC radar in Washington DC. R/S line moving NW to SE as we speak across the city.
  8. Sticking with over/under of just a trace at KGSO. Leaning the under. Like the Super Bowl (31-21)
  9. My betting over/under would be just a trace at KGSO. But at least snaps the snowless streak. Technically.
  10. I’ll settle for some mood flakes with temps plummeting here. The December storm feels ancient.
  11. Choosing to ignore certain poster content is liberating.
  12. What about a sub-sub forum for just Carolinas? Or is that too deep into the Matrix...
  13. Moved to Winston from NW DC in summer 2017. Been watching LWX feed all day. Beautiful spin with UL swinging through MA. Nice dendrites too.