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  1. Great to see Mr. Chill posting with us here in SE boards. One of my favorites from the MA forum. Bring us some white-luck this winter! Ease my transition from DC please.
  2. When we get into Winter...does anyone ever start storm-level sub forums? New to this area from DC...so I’m used to the MA forum. SE forum covers way more real estate correct?
  3. During bigger impact storms/events, Winter or other seasons, has there ever been thought to sub-forums within the S.E. States section? Or is that taken on thread by thread basis... Back in DC area and especially during snow events, there was so much variability - people commenting from the mountains, to the city, to the eastern shore. Way, way different conditions separated by 40-50 miles or a couple hundred feet elevation. Even completely opposite P-type. Lots of people wanted a way to converse with folks near there backyard, etc. This S.E. section seems like could have even wilder differences, stretching from NC to Florida. LOL. Thanks for the thoughts/comments!
  4. Interesting high cirrus most of today. When I went out this morning, almost looked like smoke. Hazy. In any event, kept temperatures down. Considering it a win.
  5. Too early to start thinking about early Winter projections for NC Piedmont/Triad? Brand new to Winston from Washington, DC. Expecting more IP/ZR than I've ever seen! (Hope I'm wrong)
  6. Is Winston-Salem officially covered by Raleigh/Durham NWS office or Blacksburg? Seems to be caught in no-mans land, in between. Thanks.
  7. Moving down from DC area to Winston in a few months...starting to do my weather-nerd research in advance. Which NWS office technically covers W-S? I know officially it might list Raleigh, but it seems geographically between there and Blacksburg no? Any good links to read local climo stuff? Winter weather in particular. Thanks and cheers!
  8. Still lots of pinging here near the Zoo in NW DC. A stray flake here or there. On side note - never used to put much stock in the "precipitation depiction" mode on Radarscope. But I swear right away when I first got pingers, the blue snow switched to pink asap. The CC looks a little wonky right now. As Bob mentioned the dark red smooth area is sinking south...but I've stayed mostly all sleet since approx. 11:30.
  9. As we speak hearing first real pings on the windows
  10. Yeah it's rocketing up the Potomac now...had been hanging tough for a bit. My guess is sleet in DC by 12:00 AM. Just hope it's duration is 2-3 hours and not 4-5.
  11. Correlation Coefficient is the greatest. Can already super-clearly see the line in the sand on Radarscope. Has begun slow creep north, now we wonder how far and how fast.
  12. Snow/sleet mix here...mostly snow, nice size flakes. Couple pingers here and there. Wonder what the radar looks like. Oh wait.
  13. Feel the Bernie Rayno super bullish on sleet-fest, all the way up I-95. At least for 2-3 hour stretch all big cities. Methinks us around DC being further West in latitude, away from Atlantic coast works in our favor right? Assuming the tucked-in track, coast hugger. Whatever happens just excited to have a legit storm to track. Rock and roll the dice.
  14. 38.4/19 Couple stray flakes in last few minutes
  15. Feel as though I'm cheating...having waited closer to game time. But who knows. DCA - 3.8 IAD - 8.5 BWI - 7.7 Tiebreaker: 2.2"/hour