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  1. I always said the same thing about New Orleans. A huge city almost completely surrounded by water, basically down in a giant bowl. One of the most stupid things I've ever seen...
  2. And last, here's a before & after comparison of Springmaid Pier, which took a much worse beating
  3. This is a pic of Surfside Pier that I took tonight. you can see the dunes are pretty much gone
  4. And you're right about Surfside, the dunes did their job. However, they were pretty much destroyed and will need to be rebuilt.
  5. I was telling my wife tonight when we were riding around that Garden City, especially along ocean boulevard, is basically a bowl. It's a little bit like New Orleans down there because once the water rises high enough, it has nowhere to go but down...into the houses along the boulevard and a few rows back from it. A part of the boulevard was closed this evening because they're cleaning the road up from the surge. And this was just a category 1 storm. This area can't take another Hugo!
  6. I grew up in Surfside and live about 8 miles away now. Garden City/Surfside was hit very hard with surge. Surfside and Springmaid Piers were even destroyed. We live west of the waterway and a good portion of our fence was damaged. We had A LOT more damage than many thought we would!
  7. What are the current odds of SC/NC being in serious play again for a landfall or close call? Thank you in advance
  8. After all the hoop-la today....ughhhh
  9. OK, I try to just read on here but have had a burning question on here all day. Numerous people have mentioned this storm exploding over the Bahamas. Why has nobody in the public media mentioned this? All they keep saying is it will weaken as it approaches the southeast. Thank you in advance!
  10. Hello. I live in Myrtle Beach...where are you seeing these models? Would love to be able to follow along with what everyone else is looking at. I try to not comment and just read, but wanted to ask that. Also, is the media not sharing these things with the public to prevent chaos before it's certain I guess? Thank you all for your work on here!
  11. Good evening....new to the board. Have enjoyed reading this thread the past couple of days since this storm has potential to effect us.