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  1. Visiting family in Pittsfield, MA from Miami. It is amazing looking at the obs and pics from the rest of Southern New England! Right here the grass is not even fully coated, activity is winding down.
  2. Not quite to your standards, but FL will do it's best to survive the humiliation.
  3. Use AC year round. Some breaks in winter in MIA, but no break from AC in SJU.
  4. Very well described. Hope to avoid the worst of this where I am but I fear for those farther north who are more likely to experience what you describe. So many new residents since Wilma, I feel like I've been a hurricane counselor the past few days.
  5. Visiting in Pittsfield, MA today, about 1" here, almost enough to cover the grass. Heading out to BDL soon for flight to FLL this evening, glad to get a taste of winter.
  6. We can't all be in the blessed land of New England so some of us feel drawn to interlope by the magical awesomeness. Current 79 / 74 off a high of 84 and a min of 76.
  7. I'm in! JK, good luck New Englanders, I will be watching!
  8. No nonsense, es el tiempo por cambio.