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  1. definitely not. We have gotten slammed year after year while you guys sucked cirrus. I am happy for you all. But the whole "I win" thing is absurd. There is no "winning". It's freakin weather.
  2. lol at the N&W crew jumping for joy after a good few weeks. "We Win!" lol. The coast is the place to be for a real blizzard. The strong winds, massive snowdrifts, feeder bands off the ocean, sweating over the R/S line approaching from the SE. The N&W crew live in the mountains and they are shocked they get snow, lol. Gimme a break.
  3. I would say that many of my male friends are into weather as well. Plenty of texts flying around during storms, photos, etc. We just take it a step further
  4. My dad got me hooked...he bought a Davis when i was in middle school, from then ion i was screwed. Plus we had a small boat so i was always on the water listening to the marine forecast. We used to go away for a week or so, and tracking the weather was important.
  5. Haha yea. The older i get the more of a toll it takes
  6. I spent hours making sure my PWS was properly sited. I even had the company which installed my fence install a pole for my PWS. They thought i was nuts. Great part is my daughter loves the weather too...shes 3 and is my little weather buddy. I do feel bad for giving her the disease...
  7. Yep. Sucks trying to get some sleep during a big storm when you got a big day the next day. It's a disease.
  8. Wow. I had never heard of the Lenni-Lenape before. They werent really in Suffolk County so i guess we never learned about them. We learned more about the Iroqois and Algonquin (sp?)
  9. Same. Was 30 this morning..Forecast low was 36.
  10. Right. We were below 30 for 4 hours yesterday morning.
  11. Ok, that makes sense. You probably get some decent sound enhancement when there is a cold NNE flow
  12. Oh nice, i notice there is a PWS right by there which radiates very well. Is that you?
  13. He lives just over the border in Queens. Nassau County East of the Wantagh Parkway and north of the southern state has likely had their first freeze already. I think all of Suffolk has had their first freeze as well, other than the barrier islands.
  14. How close are you to the water? You are farther east but i appear to radiate better, hit 28 yesterday morning. Had 0.46 from this system.
  15. If it won't snow it might as well be warm. Who wants cold and dry?
  16. 28 this morning and heavy frost. Forecast low was 34.
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