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  1. Whelp. Everything’s going crazy now. Hello llj
  2. I love Internet forums. Sorry guys ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Just thinking about the last time I watched a supercell cycle and produce violent tornadoes as long as this one has. Chapman is what came to mind
  3. Pretty big tds there. This supercell is the most impressive storm I’ve watched since chapman ks. Perhaps more impressive?
  4. I mean it’s not the tri state tornado... but it’s definitely a long track supercell beast.
  5. That’s a big league supercell right there
  6. Hail core has diminished a smidge as well. Not sure if she’s cycling or dying. We shall see
  7. Looks like we are having some cell Merger here. This is looking less and less like two separate storms
  8. Keep an eye on the supercell trailing the main storm. We are getting a hook echo on that one
  9. There’s a tiny little supercell in leesburg al with a couplet/potential tds that is unwarned at the moment
  10. The lead supercell has weakened by a twinge and it looks like the circulation is beginning to occlude
  11. Southern supercells couplet is beginning to Max out