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  1. And here’s where we were in Kearney when we got trapped by the damage path
  2. Here are some interesting screenshots I took.
  3. So, I chased this evening in Kc and much of our view was obscured by rain. I was just south of the tornado as it passed through Linwood and had us go south when hit with substantial rfd (and it didn’t help that it was rain wrapped). We shot video of the tornado as it was rain wrapped and wedged out south of Lawrence. I also was on the tornado at Kearney Missouri and once again our view was obscured by rain. We couldn’t get in front of the tornado as the road we took was directly in the damage path (I shot video, several snapped trees and trees down in the road) I can also confirm that it was raining debris, as we saw large sticks coming down out of the air as the tornado began to dissipate. An extremely good chase and I would only be happier if these cells weren’t hp monsters
  4. I’d say lake lotawana had one on the ground. There was a small cc spike with that directly correlated with the velocity/reflectivity scans
  5. The western most cell likely needs a warning as well
  6. Wow, sorry I’m getting to this late. You mean the kck f4 tornado correct? My father brother and I went out and chased that thing and took video footage. First tornado I ever saw. A classmate of mine in school also had her house leveled from that tornado. Certainly a day I’ll never forget
  7. When people pull crap like that it really rustles my jimmies
  8. It’s the plains man. Something at the last minute like too many contrails in the atmosphere meant supercells weren’t able to sustain their updrafts will happen.
  9. I think the results of Joplin had more to do with an f5 going through a majorly populated area where home owners had subpar house construction and 82% of home owners were without basements and less to do with public perception but I’m going to shut up now
  10. Agreed. Everyone is concerned that this setup won’t produce because of strong capping but I think that’s precisely why we should be concerned for what you mentioned. You’re in between a rock and hard place for public safety really. Stronger cap means much stronger, isolated storms. Weaker cap means flooding. Ideally the cap is so strong nothing happens, but then we wouldn’t have anything to get excited about in here either
  11. And I don’t disagree with you. I just happen to think it gets blown way out of proportion. When the rubber meets the road and the sirens Blair, most everyone I know gets to shelter. It’s the crazy ones like me that hop in the truck and try to chase it down.
  12. I don’t know if I buy into the whole public perception thing when things “bust”. Your average lay person doesn’t geek out, following Mets on Twitter. They hear their own Mets on the morning news say “there could be severe weather tonight, stay weather aware” and leave it at that. Geneally speaking, most reasonable people hear a tornado siren and take cover. This stuff gets blown out of proportion on these forums and as long as local Mets don’t say stupid stuff like get in your car and drive south when there’s a tornado on the ground, we shouldn’t worry about it much in my opinion