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  1. No storm is there just little to far south this run
  2. Winter wonder land in South Loudon grounds white big flakes flying 34 degrees.
  3. Pouring large flakes of snow in loudon
  4. Sleet and snow southern loudon
  5. The hrr keeps showing the low going up the mountains but the low is no where near there is the models wrong?
  6. Hrr just looks all messed up up the spine then jumps right hardly any moisture on the back side
  7. Yep 12 euro jumps valley totals
  8. On the nam Temps are 32 33 when the snow starts easy for it to stick and accumulate might also be some big flakes and pile fast.
  9. The hrr over last 6 runs is moving east with the low and totals have went up a inch in valley
  10. Nam and last gfs want to dump 4 plus knoxville south in valley
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