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  1. Really fiending for some snow around here. Been really horrendous since that Nov 2019 storm.
  2. True, I guess I should temper my expectations. I just love December snow ha. Let's hope things actually improve this year. Last year was really rough as a snow lover.
  3. The frustrating thing is most of our really good winters had a solid December. Hopefully things will begin to improve over the coming weeks. Getting really sick of cold rain.
  4. Cheers man, the snow was fun while it lasted. Sleet mixing now here as well.
  5. New HRRR halts the mix line tonight for many on here
  6. No sleet here yet...sorry guys. Hope it changes back to snow with the heavier returns.
  7. It’s going to change back to snow isn’t it?
  8. Roads just started sticking here at my parents place in Levittown
  9. Snowing here pretty good now in Yardley. Think we’ll do okay tonight
  10. Starting to see some flakes in Yardley. 38 degrees. Still hopeful for several inches of wet snow tonight.