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  1. You can thank scientists for that. We can thank Trump for the idiots who don’t wear a mask and won’t get vaccinated.
  2. Can you post the link? Thanks.
  3. Yup, snow mixing back in now. Good call. How much longer?
  4. About 8” in Lower Bucks. Puking sleet
  5. This one definitely over performed in Lower and Central Bucks
  6. Yeah the sleet line is racing now but this storm has already exceed expectations here. About 8”
  7. Looks insane. Hope it’s not sleet
  8. Same, I was shocked to wake up to nearly 6” at 7:30AM. Must have come in like a wall.
  9. Yeah, still seems to be mostly snow. It’s gone back and forth a few times. All of the heavy stuff has been snow. Hope that continues.
  10. We’re in the midst of an over-performer with snow in the 20s, I’m getting distracted too
  11. Didn’t make it to Lower Bucks?
  12. Safe travels guys. There’s over 6” on the road here