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  1. Anyone have any 12Z Euro Clown Maps? Seen on other forums it crushes northern nc and southern va next weekend. Would really like to at least have a hope map lol
  2. I know its the 84 hr NAM, but it looks further North than GFS at 84
  3. Does the 12z EPS show a good run? Is it similar to OP?
  4. How does the euro look for southern va? Rain to Snow?
  5. This board is going to explode if we can get the phase!
  6. Lol! Maybe not... maybe we can get a big one for everybody!!
  7. I guess I'm wondering how ya'll are excited about the 18z gfs... it just doesn't look like much... I know I know its still a ways to go
  8. Does anyone feel like this could be "the one"? Or am i just wishcasting? Lol
  9. Also the fact that we are mostly always chasing snow/cold 10+ days out
  10. The good thing we have going is all the models have a storm! Its just a matter of ironing out the details as the system approaches.
  11. You guys are right, this is where we want it right now, but I sure would love to see a good snow map for the southeast soon!
  12. It looks like it could be a big system, the question becomes is their enough cold air? Right now, It doesnt look cold enough. Or is the cold being underdone?
  13. Still doesn't come up coast, but it was closer to coast and stronger. Trending in right direction?
  14. Same here, got 8.8" out of that January snow, other than that, it's been warm!
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