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  1. Robert made a good post a little while ago! Next weekend should be interesting!
  2. Have a feeling once the 18z GFS comes out their will be a silent noise on this board... "crickets"
  3. Due to that being 10 days out, I can't get to excited about it, but I am excited about the pattern!
  4. Still snowing hard at 240.. Those accumulations aren't finished!
  5. Not really.... look at the Euro and GFS Ensembles.... Still painting a chilly Thanksgiving!
  6. The GFS Ensembles continue to look chilly next week! Dont look at the OP run as much as the Ensembles at this range.
  7. Today's 12z Euro run was interesting.... but we know that far out, the models will continue to flip flop. It's good to be back to talk winter weather with y'all!
  8. If 12z suites come in looking good, will a thread be started on this storm?
  9. 0z looks to be coming in more north than 18z.
  10. Wow, I would love to hear your analysis on this.... does it keep going south... why is euro the way it is??
  11. How far south will this thing go? That must be a big high pressure!
  12. A lot of it looks to happen during the night, so a good bit would accumulate after the first part of getting over the warm ground.
  13. Saw where Allan said the EPS was a light event like EURO OP... so again, GFS/GEFS vs. EURO/EPS
  14. Do ya'll think this thing is trending to far south?
  15. New GFS hits me with over a foot in southern VA.. might not happen but pretty to look at...
  16. 18z GFS ever so slightly ticked south with the snow... amazing gradient... here in Danville about an inch, just north into lynchburg, over a foot!
  17. Would think EPS will be further south. Im right at 6" on the EURO OP.... but that's just a model run.
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