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  1. At hour 10 on the HRRR, it's 34 degrees around Danville, Hour 11 it's 38... not sure how that can happen
  2. How many are staying up to see if the Euro Holds? UK , I believe held its ground.
  3. But its by itself, no support.... I understand your optimism, but enjoy this... Early December Snows just dont happen here often.
  4. The thing is even if you cut these clown totals in half, which is likely, you still have a big storm!
  5. HRRR is to warm... dont see where it has anything backing it up... although I do think this starts as rain briefly
  6. If the globals were showing it like the HRRR, I would be more inclined to believe it.
  7. Yes during the day, but not at night when the heavier precip will be falling.
  8. Don't think the HRRR is correct on warming the temps like that.... when the precip falls, that will cool it down, which is not what the HRRR is doing...
  9. Do any of you think they will send out Winter Storm Warnings for Danville, in Southern VA?
  10. Canadian about to Cave... This is what you call... "Southeast Weather"
  11. GFS not going to get it done.... So far we have the NAM and GFS with very weak if at all a system.... If Euro confirms, I'd say this might be a GFS win
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