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  1. Right at 1/4" of ICE here... we are getting a lot of sleet now to which may help!
  2. Temp at 29.5 here in Dry Fork, with a solid glaze so far of Freezing Rain.
  3. I'm around this circle Sent from my SM-N981U using Tapatalk
  4. I'm 1-2 degrees cooler than what the HRRR is initializing at....
  5. The Weather Channel App has my area reaching 37 degrees tomorrow afternoon... nothing that I have seen in the guidance shows that...
  6. Yeah but where it cut the totals , the sounding shows ZR... so what is it? Lol
  7. By 8 Am tomorrow , the HRRR has my location at 0.42" of ZR
  8. Just got my propane topped off... Gas Logs will be ready to roll if we need them.
  9. The NAM lowered ice accrual up this way because the radar depiction shows us mostly getting sleet , but the sounding says Freezing Rain...
  10. Yeah that is definitely not looking good!
  11. Yeah will be interesting to see how low the temps go and remember, IP pings , and ZR clings.... Dropping rhymes like dimes.
  12. Yeah the NAM actually lowered my ICE Totals but the HRRR still has over 3/4" here... models will go back and forth with minor changes from thus point on
  13. Winter Storm Warnings have been posted up this way for 1-3" of Snow/Sleet & 0.50-.75" of ZR... kinda surprised we aren't under an ICE Storm Warning
  14. From what I can tell , it's showing ZR up this way on the sounding , while the radar is showing us getting IP...
  15. If you look at the soundings though , it's more ZR than it is IP
  16. Soundings and radar are different. The HRRR still gives my location almost 1 1/2" of ZR
  17. NWS out of Blacksburg latest thinking Sent from my SM-N981U using Tapatalk
  18. RGEM looks like it lost some qpf or is it showing more sleet? Anyone have the 18z RGEM Sleet Map?
  19. The 18z NAM brought more IP than ZR up this way on this run, which lowered our ZR some but still a lot to cause damage
  20. That would save many folks from widespread damage.
  21. 12z EURO puts an X near me. Is that bad? Sent from my SM-N981U using Tapatalk
  22. FWIW, the UK just got WORSE. Big ICE northern NC/southern VA
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