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  1. Not that it matters but this is a much more realistic snow map for the gefs......if you're looking at weatherbell and actually taking any snow product seriously you will be pretty let down.......
  2. Talk about a skewed mean.......most of the "snow" is icy not actual snow if you look at the members
  3. They are hardly useful ever....just good eyecandy
  4. They are
  5. more of a split between 18 and 12
  6. Didnt think it was that good......he also stated last nights euro was the third in a row to not make US landfall
  7. Presentation is awe worthy on the gfs........
  8. He just deletes the comments that he doesn't like, I made a few this morning about the EPS/EURO and the fact he did his video before they came out but he deleted them.
  9. Solid GFS run, rain is out very early in the day, temp right around 32 at puck drop
  10. Coming up for the game next weekend, the trends look pretty good actually. I have been watching this all week and it looks like the cold is trending fasting and the rain trending on ending earlier in the day. Right now looks like maybe lower 40's - Mid 30's for puck drop. GO PENS!
  11. Read more post less........
  12. Observation of whats actually happening
  13. Totally agree, we are making baby steps