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  1. Solid GFS run, rain is out very early in the day, temp right around 32 at puck drop
  2. Coming up for the game next weekend, the trends look pretty good actually. I have been watching this all week and it looks like the cold is trending fasting and the rain trending on ending earlier in the day. Right now looks like maybe lower 40's - Mid 30's for puck drop. GO PENS!
  3. Read more post less........
  4. Observation of whats actually happening
  5. Totally agree, we are making baby steps
  6. not much change from nhc in track @ 2
  7. First time Hazel has been a "good" analog
  8. Not as many kicking east at 6z
  9. Should be an interesting set of 00z runs
  10. 50/100 miles for sure