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  1. When there is something to post about I will.........
  2. Fair enough, you're a great poster. I very much enjoy your analysis and ability to keep it real no matter how depressing things look.
  3. Your posts are full of useful info, what is your region at 10"+ this season.......
  4. Close the blinds......all this over the top analysis that's been done for the last month has equaled squat. For the next 15 days there is very very little intrigue or anything to be excited about. Facts are facts no matter how much wishcasting over analysis is done.
  5. Ok, I took that post as bitter my apologies
  6. You are usually a good poster, maybe you should take your bitterness to the LR thread to track another miss for DC
  7. I didnt realize wishcasting was an actual part of model discussion, 85% of your posts are like "what is this person smoking, can I have some of those drugs"
  8. Your post has nothing to do with long range disco, you are whining and have been the last few hours.....take it to banter Here in Richmond where we are "out of the chase 90% of the time" have 10" and part of the mid Atlantic forum.....unless you want to add something useful which is maybe 1 out of 10 posts for you just ride the pine a bit bud
  9. You may be the worst poster on the boards........0% chance of 60 on Wednesday