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  1. 2 hours ago, NeffsvilleWx said:

    Probably location dependent. I'm on the coast here. Over 10 years, I had never recorded winds over 40 mph in Lancaster. Within the first 6 months in FL I recorded a gust of 53.


    NWS says expected worst case from Ian here is 58-73 mph.

    Admittedly, I don't keep accurate wind data, but I know for certain that I've had a whole lot of wind gusts over 40 mph here in Maytown. In fact, quite a few over 50 as well. That's in the past 10 years...not sure what years you were living here.

  2. 15 minutes ago, Mount Joy Snowman said:


    About 2.5 miles ESE of my current location, so about an additional 5 minutes farther from you Training.  You'll be happy to know we're still Black Knights, as we're still in West Hempfield Township.  I am gaining roughly 100' in elevation though, so I expect my yearly snowfall totals to double, figure that's a fair assumption :D

    Up on the Ironville Ridge? 

  3. 14 minutes ago, Mount Joy Snowman said:

    Howdy y'all, just wanted to confirm that MJS still lives, as I haven't posted in a couple weeks.  Had a lot going on, between the PSU/Auburn road trip (which was awesome), then my toddler brought home a nasty bug from daycare that knocked my on my arse for a week, and the big thing, after a year and a half in this stupid market, we finally got a house.  So things have been a bit hectic but I should be around again more regularly moving forward.  Total rain for me the last couple weeks was just .29".  All eyes on Florida and then before you know it we'll be tracking snow!


    3 minutes ago, canderson said:

    Welcome back - where's the new house? 

    What Canderson said - are you closer or farther away from me now? 

  4. 3 minutes ago, canderson said:

    Ha, ok sold! 

    But yeah, I find it hard to believe a stall there until Sunday. If it doesn't, you'd think it could get here by Sunday afternoon. Question is if it's got any juice left for rain. That high means business. 

    There is a precedent for this trip - 10 years ago at the end of October, there was this storm in the Atlantic by the name of Sandy. That weekend was our annual trip to Pittsburgh, and we had quite a ride coming home Monday morning in tropical storm conditions. It was "fun" coming back east through the Laurels...and yes, we saw snow on the ridges around Somerset.  

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  5. 2 minutes ago, Bubbler86 said:

    Wow, I have no trips planned.  Not living my life right I guess.  LOL.  Good thing you are not going to Sanibel late this Sept!  

    You got that right. Wishing everyone well down there. Good building codes will help mitigate some of the wind damage but won't do much against surge and flooding. 

  6. 17 minutes ago, Bubbler86 said:

    There are evacuating Sanibel and Captiva now.  @Itstrainingtime, when were you going down there?  Maybe next year? 

    I just read that - and yes, we're going down almost one year from now to the date. 2 trips to FL next year, Sanibel in the fall (late September) and then Universal in December. 

    I'm looking forward to those trips a lot...haven't been to either and obviously they'll be completely different experiences. May 2024 is a cross-country 3 week trip out west including a couple nights in Mammoth Lakes, CA...yeah, just a little stoked for that trip. But it's still out there a ways. 

  7. 3 minutes ago, Bubbler86 said:

    I do not gamble much but a case can be made for putting the system on autopilot and buying a ticket or two each drawing...would not cost much weekly. 

    I have NEVER spent money on a lottery ticket - Hershey Bears used to have a PA Lottery night back when I was a season ticket holder and I'd give my ticket away as soon as I received it. Just not something that I've ever wanted to do...I've always been afraid that one ticket would soon become many more. 

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  8. 17 minutes ago, Bubbler86 said:

    I am not sure any of the progs get rain into the Northeast before later Saturday.   GFS is a nice Sun-Tue LSV Soaker but gets shunted mostly south of NYC. 

    Some of the weekend QPF maps look eerily similar to some of the big snowstorms from the past. Specifically referring to the razor sharp northern edge of the precip field. 

  9. 4 minutes ago, Superstorm said:

    Heading to NYC to see my Yanks against Os on Friday.


    Orioles are currently 27 games better than they finished last year. If someone told me in March that the Birds would win 79 games, I would have had them drug tested. Now, they are 3 wins away from having a winning season - those 3 wins are going to have to come on the road in Boston or NY, or at home against Toronto. Tough 10 games to end what has been a remarkable season, regardless of what happens from here on out. 

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