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  1. I"m on Faith Rd so I"ll let you know if anything starts happening here
  2. Epic list, thank you!!!!
  3. So I have found myself the flexibility to move pretty much anywhere in the US that I want. If you had a choice to move somewhere in the US that has warm summers and epic snow in the winter where would you move to? Right now I'm looking out west in the Rockies.
  4. how is Park City, UT looking in the coming weeks? Trying to get out there to ski before everything gets shutdown again.
  5. Heavy snow here,, heaviest I've seen in at least 2 years. Starting to stick. Vis around 1/4 at best
  6. you must be a bit to the WNW of me, it didn't turn over to snow until about 30 minutes after you did. not accum yet.but abut 1/4 mile visability
  7. Snowing at a good clip here now. Beautiful to see
  8. Finally! Almost entirely all snow now here just off Langtree Rd in Mooresville
  9. Wind has really started to kick up here at the house. we gotta by about to kick over
  10. 18z is waaaay better for us in the norther CLT suburbs. Seems to be showing less of a lee side minimum.... time will tell if it is on to something
  11. yep, just took a walk in hopes a stray sleet pellet or flake would mix in. Nothing, just a crappy walk in the rain.
  12. I'm sitting in traffic trying to get out of Lake Norman HS and it is very very lightly starting to sprinkle
  13. 850s are crashing, I looked about 30 minutes ago at the -2 like was sitting over N. Mecklenburg Co
  14. 40/28 here.... wet bulb 36 here is Mooresville
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