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  1. light snow just started falling here. Honestly, this is what I expected prior to the storm starting and seeing all the epic snow falling in Georgia. Nice to see snow falling this early in the year. Not often us outside of the mountains get to see snow falling before Christmas. Time to listen to some Christmas music and appreciate the small things.
  2. Congrats to all the N. Atl folks on here who cashed in with this storm. I was born and raised in Marietta and remember the Blizzard of 93 as if it happened yesterday. Glad a younger generation just got their version (without the bitter cold and wind of course). Enjoy it while I sit here with nothing but rain and a small pile of sleet on one deck chair, lol.
  3. My #1 rule for winter storms never fails..... NEVER count on the cold air making over the mountains in time. If the cold isn't already here and the source of CAA is west of the mountains I'm screwed.
  4. Sleeting like crazy now with some giant fatties mixed in. About flipping time. Neighborhood street quickly covered in sleet
  5. Finally transitioning back here in Concord. Now mostly sleet with a few giant snow flakes mixed. Beats the rain we had for the last couple of hours.
  6. Well just like the storm last year I'm literally sitting here at my house watching in sleet/rain while the snow line is about 10 Mike's to my west. Frustrating but thankfully to have seen a bit of snow, especially before Christmas. Currently sleeting temp hovering around 34
  7. I can confirm that! I'm over at Afton now and the snow is beautiful! Finally.
  8. Finally! starting to switch over to mostly snow now in Concord (exit 54) 75/25 snow/rain
  9. wind is really starting to pick up, wasn't expecting that but its a good sign the cold air is coming. yo can tell the rain want to change over, still mostly all rain with a bit of small, wet flakes here at home in Concord
  10. hey @Queencitywx, yes it is def trying to switch over with the heavier returns. I just got out of the car and see the flakes melting when it hits the car. I'm not in the Afton village area just off 85 and George Liles Pkwy (Concord)
  11. Snowflakes mixing in just a bit with the rain here off of Highway 73 on the Concord Huntersville border. Car thermometer is reading 36
  12. 925mb line nearly on top of CLT now. Slowly but surely it is moving southeast. 850 now down close to -3
  13. I'm actually a bit surprised the 925 line has moved that far south and east since the last update. I hadn't paid much attention to where it was supposed to be at this time but it's nice to see it is moving.
  14. It wasn't anything to get excited over... just some pingers mixed in with some light right/drizzle. quickly moved out. Most likely had to do with precip falling through the initial dry air. when I was out a bit a go it was just drizzle.
  15. @Wow, yeah I was just looking at that. Nice to see the 925mb temps already falling. Hopefully that bodes well for us as the heavier precip moves in later on. I can confirm that I ran into a bit of sleet around 7:30a this morning in Davidson as I pulled into work.