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  1. The time around next weekend to first part of Feb holds the best change for a significant winter storm IMO as the current pattern we are in starts to break down. You can typically count a big storm somewhere as patterns break down and readjust.
  2. Snowing pretty good in Bryson City by the looks of the cam
  3. Didn't realize you moved over this way. Didn't you live over the Afton area of Concord for a while?
  4. Yep, us on the western edge will be watching that precip field very closely in hopes of even the slightest westward expansion.
  5. All sleet here now. I’d say about an inch of snow on the ground.
  6. Temp 26 wind gusting now, up to 24mph still all snow in Cornelius just off exit 28 on I~77
  7. Dps are dropping in central and southern virginia now. Should start to see them begin to drop in NC soon.
  8. Yep, I'm headed out to Lowes shorty to stock up supplies. My house is surrounded by trees so I'm expecting lots of downed limbs and a few trees to fall. We lost power during the windstorm last week for nearly 1/2 day so I'm betting we lose it for longer this time.
  9. Silent but not gone. Had to remember my password. Think we saw our typical models losing the storm in the 4 day range. Seen it happen way too many times. Hopefully we are now coming back to the original idea allowing more of us east of the mountains to get into the fun.
  10. I"m on Faith Rd so I"ll let you know if anything starts happening here
  11. Epic list, thank you!!!!
  12. So I have found myself the flexibility to move pretty much anywhere in the US that I want. If you had a choice to move somewhere in the US that has warm summers and epic snow in the winter where would you move to? Right now I'm looking out west in the Rockies.
  13. how is Park City, UT looking in the coming weeks? Trying to get out there to ski before everything gets shutdown again.
  14. Heavy snow here,, heaviest I've seen in at least 2 years. Starting to stick. Vis around 1/4 at best
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