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  1. Sun is trying to break out here in Mooresville... any sun today will only add fuel to the fire
  2. for one of the few times in winter I'm rooting hard for the northwest trend! I feel dirty for saying it
  3. Merry Christmas crew! Hope everyone has an amazing holiday!
  4. snow has stopped at my house in Mooresville. Was nice watching it fall this morning.
  5. Nice steady snow continuing here in Mooresville. Some big flakes mixed in with tiny ones putting a nice fresh coat on top of what fell yesterday. Wife ventured out a bit ago and side roads are a mess still
  6. Light snow here is Mooresville this morning
  7. Just flipped back to big flakes, this is crazy
  8. Monster sleet pellets falling right now. We didn't get a ton of snow but the sleet on too of the few inches is making for some epic sledding
  9. Glad you are cashing in with this on QC
  10. So frustrating, just once I'd love for a storm to over perform..... Looking on the bright side it is still cool to see it snow this early in the season. Adds a little to the Christmas spirit.
  11. Getting bigger flakes starting to mix in with th smaller ones. My guess is the sleet line is moving back closer to me now. Street is completely covered with a solid half inch of sleet/snow accum. Windis howling out there at the moment. Snow going nearly horizontal at times.
  12. Just for up to see what's happening. Getting a decent burst of snow here is Mooresville now. Heavy dusting so far
  13. Lol, I was worried we would lose a lot of our snow accumulations due to sleet mixing in and here I sit in a raging flipping virga storm. Im gonna be passed out drunk before I even see a drop fall from the sky tonight. .... Not really worried yet though.
  14. Raging virga storm continues, pretty impressive actually. Winds continue to increase gradually. 35/27 and cracking open a Sam Adams Chocolate Bock
  15. Raging virga storm continues in Mooresville. Patiently waiting on something to fall from the sky