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  1. 600 shear value is nearly unheard of for around here so any potential overhype is worth it imho.
  2. Def over performing here in Concord. Nearing 2" with giant heavy wet snowflakes falling for the last hour or so. Much better than the token flakes I was expecting
  3. 31 degrees with maybe 1/4 to 1/2 inch on the ground.
  4. Matthew East just tweeted that the band should pivot through most of the area over the next few hours. Hope so cause all I got is about an inch of sleet but I won't complain b/c that is better than what many have
  5. Big flakes finally mixing in with the snow here just east of 85 in Concord. Snow line is on the move!
  6. Yes it will.... GSP just sent out a tweet about it too. All this we are getting now is not even the "storm" yet
  7. You have to change the view to 850. Go to the "Upper Air" drop down and change the view there
  8. http://www.spc.noaa.gov/exper/mesoanalysis/new/viewsector.php?sector=17&parm=925mb&underlay=1&source=1#
  9. wife says it is still just a light rain back home in Concord.... about to head that way. hope the snow follows me! Also good to see the 850s continue to cool from NW to SE.
  10. sleet/snow mix now here in Davidson! that was quick
  11. temps slowly dropping at my house in Concord... now down to 40.5/32.... need some dry air to start working it's way in
  12. Nice! Figured something was happening outside because everyone in the office started freaking out
  13. Can't tell because I'm on the second floor of my office building but it is either snowing or sleeting hard here in Davidson!
  14. brother just texted me saying they have a solid dusting already in Asheville, started snowing up there about 30 mins ago
  15. LOL at the people already complaining..... most everything looks right on schedule. The early cliff diving happens all the time.