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  1. Is suppressed a good thing for ppl in say Columbia? What do you mean by suppressed?
  2. 33 and rain or 32 and sun. The standard. I was born in Columbia SC.
  3. Would these strong winds and rain reach CAE?
  4. All I keep hearing from people that probably know nothing, is that SC is out of the woods except for possibly strong gusty winds and a few tornado threats, but mainly for the upstate. Not much threat from CAE to the coast.
  5. Why would they evacuate Charleston at this point? I could see if the models trended back East today. But if they keep west, then why? That makes no sense.
  6. And what if it doesn't? Then they just drove all these people into the worst part of the storm. Why not wait another day just to see models?
  7. If the Euro holds true, anyone on the coast of SC/GA needs to stay put. They are safer than going inland. Do these people not watch models?
  8. Can someone explain what this is please?
  9. It is all over the news here in Columbia, SC. SC will be prepared.
  10. What do the numbers on the right represent? Wind?
  11. I think it is probably a good idea if everyone from Florida to NC takes down their trampolines.
  12. TWC has adjusted for CAE. Instead of rain changing to snow Friday night/Saturday morning, they list 33 and rain. With less than an inch snow Saturday morning before tapering off to 37 degrees later in the day. You can't make this stuff up.
  13. LMAO! You are going to get like 6 inches. SMH